Apartment Tour: What You Won't See

In my recent Apartment Tour: Sneak Peek post, I alluded to the fact that the lack of natural light in the evenings was contributing to the lack of apartment tour post.

This is true.

However, I also keep thinking that at some point, all of the furnishing and decorating will be less of a work-in-progress and more of a tada-all-done.

This is apparently not true.

I should have figured this out, seeing as how my parents have lived in their house for over 24 years and still have dreams on their to-do list. It's a lifelong job, I suppose - turning a house into a home. The items remaining on our to-do list are much less "dream apartment" status and more "we kind of need this," with regards to either practicality or sanity, or both. And while we'll hopefully check them off in the next month or so, other items will inevitably creep onto the list.

All this to say: although our apartment isn't 100% set-up, that's no reason to postpone an apartment tour :) However, I'll warn you in advance: here's what you won't see if you show up at our apartment this weekend.

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Editor's note: these are in no way, shape, or form the exact items we intend to purchase... unless somebody is interested in giving us a few thousand dollars. These are shown strictly for illustrative purposes only ;)

1. Chairs/bar stools. We decided to use the space originally designated as the "dining room nook" as more of a "home office nook," especially with Zach going back to school. We have a bar/counter top space in our kitchen that works just fine for meals... except we don't have bar stools or chairs yet. I'll admit: this is totally my fault. We never go out shopping with the intention of getting bar stools; we just stumble upon them while we happen to be in a store. And when we do, I'm convinced they're all too short. I don't know why I'm under the impression that our bar is eight feet tall, but I am, so we vow to measure when we get back home and try again. Except we never do. Thus is the life of the newlyweds who have a picnic on the living room floor every night.

2. Desk chair for Beth. As mentioned, we have a designated "home office nook" for Zach and his schoolwork (more on this later), but the apartment also comes with a smaller nook that already has a built-in desk and bookshelf. Consequently, this has become my little space, but it needs a chair. Let's be honest: if I'm ever working on any type of crafting project, I'm much more likely to take over the entire living room floor than sit at a desk, but having an extra chair would be nice... especially at this point, since we have zero chairs, remember?

3. Curtains. This falls more into the "needed with regards to sanity" than "needed with regards to practicality" category, simply because I feel like our poor windows are naked without them. It was one of the few items on our wedding registry that we didn't get, and when we ventured to Target to purchase them ourselves, they weren't in stock. And it took me like, 24 days to choose curtains the first time, so I'm not sure how I'm going to go about doing it again. Bummer.

4. Coffee table. This is another out-of-stock bummer story: our couch had a matching ottoman/coffee table that was out of stock at the time we purchased the couch, but we were told it would be back in stock the next week. We went back to the store on the day the shipment was supposed to arrive... and no ottoman/coffee table. This happened again the next week, and I got incredibly fed up and moved on. We've decided a coffee table would be a good thrift store/upcycle DIY project, so we're on the lookout for some creative ideas.

5. Desk for Zach. We actually have this... it's just not here! I have a really nice desk at my parent's house, but we haven't figured out how to get it down a (steep) flight of stairs, a hundred+ miles across the state, and up two flights of stairs. Therefore, the designated "home office nook" is actually empty, apart from a killer gallery wall. Eh, it just means we have an incredibly huge living room, which I'm cool with. For now.

After explaining all of the remaining items on the to-do (buy) list, I feel much better about an upcoming apartment tour.

Just remember: it's a work-in-progress :)

PS: In the comments below, I'd love to know the following:
  1. What's on your to-do/buy list for your space?
  2. What's your stance on curtains: aesthetic (frame the window & make the room look more home-y) or functional (block the sun)? Your answer could potentially resolve a newlywed disagreement ;)