Apartment Tour: Sneak Peek

I'm convinced that the guy who came up with this whole "losing an hour of sleep" thing HAS to be related to the same guy who invented glitter. We live in a cruel world, folks.

Despite my habitual mourning over the loss of an additional 60 minutes in my beloved bed, the beginning of daylight saving is one the highlights of my year. In the Marine Corps World, it marks the transition from the hideous woodland camouflage uniform to the glorious - oh, so glorious - desert camouflage uniform. [Silent moment of thanks for the desert cammies, rah? God bless America.]

In the rest of the world (well, the parts of it that are strange enough to go along with this evil sleep deprivation scheme), it simply means more sunlight in the evenings... which is a big deal when you're still in your first year of your first full-time job and are rediscovering the joy of sunshine after five straight months of coming home after dark.

All this to say... I've been planning to do an apartment tour here on the blog, but I work all day and am only home in the evenings. Um, hello - how am I supposed to take pictures of my pretty little space without some natural light? (You were thinking the same thing, I can tell). Thankfully, good ol' daylight saving resolved this first world problem for me.

Full tour coming soon (with or without my desk that has yet to make the journey from Winston-Salem. I literally have no idea how we're going to make that happen. Help?) In the meantime, here's some detail shots from around the space that I took last night out of sheer excitement over post-work sunlight. Enjoy!