Currently // March

Ah, the currently series. It's quickly becoming one of my favorites.

ANTICIPATING a quiet weekend in the apartment after three straight weekends of traveling.

AWAITING a text from my youngest sister who has been in Costa Rica for the past week and returns to the country today.

BEGINNING to think about how we're going to divide Easter with our families - our first holiday as a married couple! :/

BREATHING a sigh of relief that my new license photo didn't turn out as terribly as I had envisioned. Besides, it says that I'm a Jones... which was really the point of the whole ordeal.

CHEERING for my Blue Devils in the NCAA Tournament.

COUNTING down the days until Zach is on spring break. (Less than 24 hours!) Can't wait to have evenings that aren't defined by homework and papers.

ENJOYING the extra sunlight in the evenings. I vote we keep it like this and not fall back again in October.

FALLING insanely behind in my Project Life album. Womp. Perhaps this weekend will involve a Project Life marathon.

HOLDING Zach a little bit tighter after the explosion in Nevada this week. Yes, that was his unit (1st Battalion, 9th Marines). Yes, he personally knew and worked with one of the Marines who was killed. Yes, he would have been out there if he had reenlisted. Yes, I know we don't play the "if" game.

LAUGHING at the photos that Zach snaps when I'm not paying attention.

He says this one has to be captioned "Beth in her natural habitat."

LOVING this quote enough to design a little print of it:

PRAYING for direction. Just when I think I've got this whole "life" thing figured out...

REMEMBERING the Marines who lost their lives in the explosion, as well as the family and friends they left behind.

ROLLING my eyes at the fact that I didn't have to take a sick day all winter, but was forced to take one on the first day of spring. (Thankfully, it was just a 24-hour thing... I'm feeling much better now.)

SINGING nonstop. So much, in fact, that Zach recently exclaimed, "I feel like my life with you is a musical." I'm taking that as a compliment.

TAKING a picture or two together on our little balcony almost every week. I'm a sucker for a good "the sky is so pretty right now" picture, which inevitably leads to a self-timer shot. Precious memories :)

What are you currently up to, friend?