He Said, She Said

A little bit of Friday fun inspired by newlywed link-ups in the blogworld - except not really, because I'm not about that "follow all the hosts and share the button and comment thirteen times and repin/post/share/tweet/gram/etc." life. I find it almost as gag-worthy as the term "hubby" - which is also used quite frequently in blogworld newlywed link-ups. #sorrynotsorry

If Beth could only watch one movie over and over for a week, which one would it be?
Beth: Zach is going to say She's the Man, which is undoubtedly an excellent movie that I consider to be one of my favorites... but I think the only movie I could watch multiple times in a week would be Step Up.
Zach: Probably She's the Man.

What is the best meal Zach has cooked since you've been married?
Beth: He's made a pulled BBQ chicken recipe a couple of times and I think he's perfected it. So good.
Zach: BBQ chicken.

You're on your way out and have to turn around... which one of you forgot something?
Beth: If we're being real honest, I don't remember that I forgot something until we're miles away and it's way too late to turn around... so the times we do run back up the stairs, it's for Zach.
Zach: Me. I just feel like I left something... like a light on or a candle burning.

Describe Zach's ideal room in a future dream home:
Beth: He talks a lot about a military-themed man room, with shadow boxes and frames to display all of his medals and certificates and uniforms. He has a pretty nice military-themed man nook at the moment. Some day... :)
Zach: A little workshop for like, working on cars... working on wood... building stuff. That sort of thing.
(okay, or that...)

What is Beth's favorite animal?
Beth: A cat, duh. Meow! Seriously, though - cats are in their own separate category of favorite thing ever, so I've gotta give this one to the polar bears.
Zach: Polar bear, because it's the same one as mine.

High-five for sounding like a married couple who somewhat knows each other! (Although we were talking about bucket lists earlier this week and Zach was convinced "go skydiving" was on mine. False. So false.)

• • • • •

And now, I present an authentic Friday phone dump, which is not the same thing as a Friday Instagram dump posing as a Friday phone dump. Nope. These are some iPhone captures from the past month that have just been chilling in the stored photos... until now. The Instagram photos that just didn't make the cut, if you will :)

Things to note: They're building a bridge behind our apartment from one side of the lake to the other... which means temporarily draining the lake. We don't actually live in a swamp. Also, horse sweaters are back in style (Anthropologie)! I should have kept my collection from 3rd through 5th grade (that everyone totally hated on, by the way). Ugh, I was so ahead of the times.

Happy weekend!