Things I Will Never Understand

Let's be honest: there are plenty of things that I will never understand. I will never understand how Zach can function at 6:30 in the morning when I typically ride the struggle bus until around 10:00am. I will never understand why someone would choose to own a hyperactive pet with terrible breath that has to be taken outside multiple times a day. I most certainly will never understand why an overwhelmingly large group of people think that three names sound so much cooler than two that they must reveal their middle/maiden name in their Facebook profile.
In the grand scheme of things, however, these are all minor wonders of the world... and I'm content with the fact that I'll just never understand them.

Sometimes, though, the things that I don't understand are much larger than all of that. For example:

• • • • •

I'll never understand why the Veteran's Affairs office at a local technical college neglected to process the paperwork necessary to ensure the government would pay for my husband's tuition and fees up front. 
Due to this error, Zach was dropped from his classes a couple of weeks before the semester started, causing us to scramble to get him into any open classes possible (days before our wedding, nonetheless) and forcing me to pay the tuition bill up front and get reimbursed. I'll never understand why three months have passed and I have yet to see that lovely reimbursement check from our dear government.

• • • • •
I'll never understand why a young adult who wanted to attend a faith-based weekend retreat for high schoolers was denied the opportunity.
Sure, this young adult has been out of high school for a year, but get this: this individual has a mild physical and developmental disability. Due to this disability, the individual relates well with those who are a few years younger and would not benefit as much from a retreat for adults. Also due to the disability, this individual was given the option to remain in high school for an additional year, and had he/she chosen to complete an extra year of high school, they would have been allowed to come to the high school retreat.
The only reasoning given for not making an exception due to extenuating circumstances and denying this individual the chance to grow closer to God alongside many of his/her peers?
"We have rules." 
I'm pretty sure the Pharisees had rules, too.

• • • • •

Perhaps I'm the only one, but I sincerely hope there are many others who simply cannot understand the situations described. (If you cannot understand them to the point where you wish to express your opinion to those responsible, I'll be more than happy to refer you to the US government or Virlina District office.)
Sometimes, it's easy to not understand the decisions made by those in a position of power.

However, I often find myself equally perplexed over the actions of the average, everyday person.
I'll never understand why everyone and their mother will stop to like a status about how great potluck meals are, but keep scrolling if an individual is putting forth every effort they've got to raise money or awareness for a cause they genuinely believe in.
I'll never understand why the whole world feels the need to comment on an article concerning the proper amount of spaces between sentences, but I can count the number of people who took the time to offer their condolences regarding Zach's Marine Corps friend (who was killed last month in the Nevada explosion) on one hand. 

I'll never understand why people embrace the happy-go-lucky vibe that comes along with apartment decor and sketchbook posts, but everyone's feeling all sorts of awkward after reading this once-a-year soapbox rant.

And somehow, after getting it all out there, I suppose I'm okay with not understanding any of that, either.