Things I'm Loving

Before I begin, I want to address a few things that arose out of yesterday's post.

First and foremost, if I can use my little corner of the internet to advocate for those who have been wronged, you best believe I will. The only other time I've pulled out my soapbox on this blog was when my younger sister, who attends a Christian high school, was going to be penalized for missing a soccer game to attend a Maundy Thursday church service. That particular blog post eventually found its way to the hands of school administrators, and what do you know... they apologized for the incident and assured my family that no penalties would be incurred.

In the same manner, my main intention with yesterday's post was to draw attention to the fact that an individual with a mild disability was denied the opportunity to attend a faith-based retreat because he/she was a year too old, despite the fact that this disability causes the individual to be on the same cognitive level as those a few years younger. Period. If you choose to overlook that completely and get bogged down by the fact that I also find it strange that I know the answer to one of the most popular security questions for a large portion of individuals on social media, that's your prerogative. It is my prerogative, however, to remove any anonymous, hateful comments calling me pretentious and judgmental and insinuating that my husband and I deserve to be on a list of backlogged claims along with 600,000 United States veterans.

ps: thanks for letting me feel all Kelle Hampton-ish with one of my first blog trolling experiences. Big leagues, baby.


Trolling aside, I'm loving all sorts of things these days while doing a horrible job of documenting them in a timely fashion. C'est la vie.

Regardless, here's some stuff I've been loving lately:

1. Easter, including, but not limited to: dyeing eggs for the first time in a long time, sampling Easter-esque desserts, buying a pretty awesome new dress, and of course, spending time with family and celebrating the completely undeserved gift of eternal life.

The final picture of the mountain man beard. Zach shaved it all off the day after Easter.

2. Spending World Autism Awareness Day (last Tuesday) at the largest camp in the world for individuals with autism. Over 500 individuals with autism and their families came out to celebrate, and it goes down in my book as one of the cooler things I've ever experienced.

3. Captain Crunch. Because, well... because Captain Crunch.

4. Multiple road trips to camp. Actually, road trips in general. After four and a half years of solo road trips to visit one another, spending time in the car together is blowing my mind.

5. My first haircut appointment since September 2011. No, that's not a typo... nearly 19 months since my hair had any interaction with scissors. It's scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but I'm loving it already.

6. Chocolate-covered coffee beans brought back from my sister's trip to Costa Rica, although I'm not loving the fact that I can almost see the bottom of the can.

7. The fact that Zach wakes up before I do every morning and packs my lunch. I mentioned on Instagram this week that I always thought my love language was physical touch (I'm a hugger), but apparently, that was the four and a half years of long distance and very limited hugs talking. It turns out that I'm a sucker for acts of service.

8. Fishtail braids

9. Um, this weather, obviously. Please allow me to be the 8254th person to exclaim how gorgeous it was today. It's seriously nice enough to convince me that winter is gone for good, but then again, I took my heaviest coat to work just a few days ago, so I'm not gonna jinx anything.

10. Our 100th day of marriage, woo! Mom says that when I was in Kindergarten, all of the students celebrated by counting out 100 pieces of something and bringing it into class. I apparently chose Fruit Loops, which I think is awesome. Not as awesome as Captain Crunch, though, which is what I'm about to go pour a bowl of to celebrate 100 days of being a Mrs. :)