Friday Phone Dump

A few of my favorite iPhone captures from the past month:
(more are available here or by viewing simplybeffie on Instagram)

Lately, I've become quite a fan of apps with a built-in camera self-timer. I love pictures of me and Zach together, but a lot of the time, it's just the two of us. Since we're rarely able to hand the camera off to someone else (read: we probably need some more friends), and since there's only so many "put your face next to mine and I'll hold the camera out in front of us" pictures one can take, using the self-timer has been a pretty good alternative for capturing our day-to-day life.

A few quick life updates via Friday's Letters, because it's been a while:

Dear Zach: I'm so insanely proud of you for finishing your first semester of college; you worked so hard! Enjoy the rest of your short break before summer classes start up next week. Womp.

Dear Weather: I understand that it can't be sunshine and 80 degrees every day, but do you think you could schedule your gross clouds of doom some time while I'm stuck in an office. It's just cruel to see pretty blue skies all week as I'm working only to have thunderstorms in the forecast for the entire weekend (you know, when I could actually be outside enjoying the weather.)

Dear NCIS: How am I supposed to wait until September for Season 11? I don't do well with cliffhangers.

Dear Duke University: I know our relationship wasn't the greatest, but I feel like things have been better between us in this post-graduate year. Needless to say, I'm a little hurt that my NetID is no longer valid. Bye-bye, Duke email address :(

Dear Roadtrip-less Weekend: I'm actually pretty excited for you. It's been a while.

Dear Pullen Park: You are a ridiculously cool place. I predict many picnics together in our future :)

Dear Life: I've said this a lot recently, but it absolutely blows my mind, so I'll say it again. Roughly a year ago, I was living in a dorm, finishing my final exams, applying to any job opening I could find, and skyping with my long-distance Marine Corps boyfriend. Um, what? I'm now living in an apartment in a new city, I'm forever finished with final exams as I have a college diploma, I'm a full-time graphic designer for a nonprofit organization, and I'm married. How is it possible for that much to happen in a year?!

Dear Allie Brosh: I'm glad you're back. And I've been there.

Dear Apartment: Since we're spending the entire weekend in town and it's supposed to rain, be prepared for many creative indoor projects. Yay!

Happy weekend, all :)