Senior Portraits // Corrie: Sneak Peek

A couple of years ago, seemingly out of nowhere, friends began approaching me with requests to photograph their engagement portraits / weddings / families / etc. I thought it was cool that people liked my photography enough to ask me to capture such significant moments in their lives despite the fact that I had never promoted myself (or even viewed myself) as a photographer, just an artist. I also thought it was cool to see photos that I had taken featured on save the dates, Christmas cards, and wedding guest books.

However, it didn't take long for me to learn that I had no desire to make a part-time job out of photography! After shooting a wedding last summer, I hung up my camera and went almost an entire year without agreeing to a photo session.

Then... my sister asked if I would take her senior portraits.

How was I supposed to say no to that?

Of course, I couldn't (say no, that is). I was beyond honored that Corrie -- and my mom, since we all know these photos are more for her than for my sister -- wanted me to document her during her final month (eek!) of high school.

I drove into Winston-Salem this past weekend and came out of photography retirement just for a day. Here's just a few shots I captured during our time together.

I'm so excited to share the rest, because they're crazy good! (Keep in mind that you only have to be an adequately talented artist/photographer when the subject is insanely gorgeous.)

However, I'm a huge advocate for individuals and their families being able to view their photos before the rest of the world sees them via social media (I feel like I'm sharing secrets that aren't mine to share, plus I just know how weird it is to have lots of people texting you about photos of yourself that you haven't yet seen), so you'll simply have to wait a week to see more.

What a tease :)