Cucumber Gardening, Part 1

One of my goals for 2013 was to grow something, preferably something edible. Thanks to the increasing popularity of container gardening, having a 100 square foot patio outside my third floor apartment didn't really limit my choices. In the end, I opted for cucumbers because (a) Zach and I both like them, a lot, (b) they don't require a huge pot, and (c) they don't take as long to grow as other vegetables (aka: I'm impatient).

Last month, Zach and I purchased all the essentials -- a couple of cucumber plants, a box planter, some soil, and a watering can (which may or may not be essential, but most certainly is cute) -- and planted our baby cucumbers on our deck. I liked the idea of starting with plants that had already sprouted; I felt like the chances of success were a million times higher than starting from square one with a bag of seeds.

Over one month later, I'd say they're pretty successful indeed.

Did you know cucumber plants have lots of yellow blooms? It's probably a well-known fact, but I've never grown anything before and biology was my least favorite subject in high school, so my mind was blown when these yellow flowers magically appeared overnight.

Assuming things keep going as well as they seem to be going, we should have our first cucumbers in just a few weeks... and I'll finally be able to cross something off my list of 2013 goals! Fingers crossed :)