Five Years

Yesterday, Zach and I celebrated five years since the day we started dating! I realize we're married and should move on to celebrating wedding anniversaries instead of dating anniversaries, but June 27th has always been a big deal to us, so had to do something, at least this year. (Five years is an insanely long time in the world of twenty-somethings!)

Plus, it was the first time we'd actually been together on our dating anniversary, thanks to the dearest United States Marine Corps. Zach was stationed on an Army proving ground in Maryland on our first anniversary, Camp Geiger on our second, Afghanistan on our third, and Camp Lejeune on our fourth... so all of our anniversary celebrations up to this point have been plus or minus a few weeks from our anniversary (apart from Afghanistan... I suppose we celebrated that six months late. Whoops!).

It was fun to finally spend a June 27th together since the original June 27th that, well, sparked everything :)

We weren't the only ones celebrating five years yesterday; we share an anniversary with WALL•E & EVE... who just so happen to star in our first date movie :) After going out for dinner last night, we came back to our apartment and rewatched our favorite Disney•Pixar film with a bag of Skittles (because I'm sappy like that. And because Zach is sweet enough to go along with it).

Yay for summer camp, broken washing machines, and a boy who held my hand when I strategically placed it next to his in an attempt to figure out if he liked me five years ago :) I love you, Zach!