Currently // July

FEELING slightly-lame-but-mostly-just-awesome for watching seven straight seasons of "How I Met Your Mother" this summer. Season eight isn't on Netflix yet, so I'll have to figure that out before season nine (the final season, womp) airs in September.

GETTING closer to launching into a quilt sewing project. I think. Maybe.

LAUGHING at this t-shirt... which probably makes me a horrible, politically-incorrect person, but I lived in Durham for four years before moving to Cary (where I've lived for one year now), and there are definitely days where I can relate.

LEARNING way more than I ever wanted to about cucumbers. Our simple cucumber plants on our patio are turning into a much larger summer project than we anticipated. Fingers crossed that we have a happy success story on our hands.

LOOKING forward to a trip to the beach next month with Zach, my parents, and my sisters!

LOVING our afternoon canoe adventure this past weekend (pictured above). Zach and I swapped seats in the middle of the lake without flipping the canoe, so we're pretty much experts now... not that I expected anything less from a Marine Corps veteran/Duke University Women's Rowing Team alumna canoe combo :)

MAKING plans for Zach's 24th birthday in a few weeks. (I should have filed this one under ATTEMPTING to make plans for Zach's 24th birthday... almost-24-year-old boys apparently don't want as much of a celebration as this particular almost-24-year-old girl will in a few months.)

RELISHING in the awesomeness that was "The MOOlyweds do Cow Appreciation Day" at Chick-fil-A. Trust me, you want to click on that link for a glimpse at how Zach and I spent our Friday night.

SIPPING on blue coconut slushies from Sonic whenever I get the chance. Totally worth the super awkward blue tongue that follows.

STUDYING women of the bible with She Reads Truth. So far, we've spent a day or two (or three) on Eve, Sara(i/h), Hagar, Lot's wife, and just started Rebekah. Follow along here!

TRYING to figure out what to do with a super nice wooden pallet I scored for free last week. In the meantime, it has become our ridiculously low coffee table/dining table/makeshift photo backdrop.

WORKING like crazy. Yay for magazine design that overlaps with largest fundraiser of the year design!

ps: HOW is it the middle of July?! 2013 just got here & it's already halfway over!