Blogs I Love

Instead of doing a "Friday phone dump" post today, I decided to do a "Friday blog dump." Here's a peek at the blogs I follow:

A Beautiful Mess |Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman
Amanda Castle Photography |Amanda Castle
Bleubird Vintage |James Kicinski-McCoy
Casey Leigh |Casey Wiegand
Emily March Photography |Emily Payne
Enjoy It |Elise Cripe
Enjoying the Small Things |Kelle Hampton
Grace Upon Grace |GraceAnna Castleberry
I Just Might Explode |Kara Haupt
Jenny.erally Speaking |Jen Maurer
Laura Likes Design |Laura Kaupang
Much Love Illy |Ilene Butler
She Reads Truth |a devotional
Smile and Wave |Rachel Denbow
The Shea's |Nicole Shea
Wildflower Photography |Joy Prouty

These women are all in their 20s & 30s and live all over the United States: North Carolina (Amanda & Emily), South Carolina (Nicole), Tennessee (James), Kentucky (GraceAnna), Georgia (Ilene), Florida (Kelle), Texas (Casey & Jen), Missouri (Elsie/Emma), Minnesota (Laura), Colorado (Rachel), Oregon (Kara), and California (Elise & Joy).

Some are military wives (Nicole, Rachel, Elise, & formerly GraceAnna).

Some are ministry wives (Jen & GraceAnna).

Some are newlyweds (Ilene & Emily).

Some are first-time moms as of this summer (Elise & Nicole).

Many are second-, third-, or fourth-time moms (Jen, GraceAnna, Rachel, Casey, Kelle, James, & Joy).

Some are graphic designers (Kara and Laura).

Some are photographers (Amanda, Emily, & Joy).

Some are talented writers (Kelle & Casey).

Some are just ridiculously creative (Elsie/Emma & Elise).

But all of them inspire me in some way: as a person, as an artist, as a child of God.

I have a feeling that at least a few of them will inspire you, too :) Tell me, friend: what other blogs do you like to read? What are some of your inspirational favorites?