Friday Phone Dump

For the past two years, I've been posting a collection of my favorite phone photos at least once a month. (It's really fun to see all of the photos in one place.) I now share many of these on my Instagram account (@simplybeffie), but there are always some that seem to get stuck in the camera roll, hence why I love going back through my phone every month to pull this together.

• • • • •

I was originally supposed to be off work today to help my youngest sister move into her college freshman dorm (say what?), but she's having some health issues and won't be heading up to Appalachian State University this afternoon as planned. Prayers are very much appreciated as the doctors try to figure out what's going on. I moved into college and went through freshman orientation/my first few weeks of classes with Hepatitis A (worst idea ever), so I know how horribly un-fun it is to be sick during such a major life transition. Here's to hoping Corrie feels better and gets settled into campus life in no time!