Currently // October

"Haynes sisters" hand-holding picture taken ~48 hours after my sister coded.
Bottom left: Katherine; Top: Corrie; Right: Me.

I write a "currently" post every month on this blog (see previous posts here), but this month's post is definitely a little different. However, even though it's far from normal, it is still my life... at least my life, currently :)

APPRECIATING the chance to help wherever we can. Since Zach and I live less than thirty miles from the hospital where Corrie is staying, we have had family members sleeping on couches and air mattresses for the majority of the past month. We also have a pretty nice shower, laundry, and grocery delivery service going on. It's nice to know that we've made things a little better for my parents and sister, all things considered.

CELEBRATING little victories, like being able to eat. Corrie has been cleared from her all-liquid diet, progressed to a couple of crackers, and is now eating pretty much anything she wants (within reason) including chicken minis from Chick-fil-A, her main request after nearly three months of being sick! Her lungs are also looking great after the partial collapse/pneumonia excitement and she has just been cleared from respiratory therapy.

DRIVING a lot. As of today, Corrie has been at the hospital in Chapel Hill for 31 days, and we've visited every single one of them. That's nearly 2,000 miles in the past month on hospital trips alone. We must really love that girl... ;)

EATING hospital cafeteria food, woo! I can say with complete confidence that I have tasted every item on the menu at the Terrace Café at UNC Hospital... and there are a lot of items on that menu. You know you've spent too much time in the hospital when...

ENJOYING getting the mail every day. The blog post I wrote about my sister last week has surpassed 2,500 views (um, what?!) and mail is pouring in from all over the country! It's so fun to open the mailbox and see it overflowing with cards from so many people we know and so many people we don't know. Love is a powerful thing.

PLANNING my 24th birthday celebration (my birthday is tomorrow, y'all)! My family sure does know how to celebrate, even if we will be celebrating in a hospital. I'm incredibly grateful for the chance to spend the day with my husband, my parents, and both of my sisters. Being together is absolutely perfect, regardless of where we'll be.

WANTING to move back to Winston-Salem so badly. Don't get me wrong - it's definitely been nice living relatively close-ish to the hospital throughout all of this, but we've been wanting to move back to Winston-Salem for about five months now - way before Corrie ever got sick! With that being said, does anybody know of any graphic design/marketing/communications jobs in the Winston-Salem (or even Triad) area? I'd totally hook you up with a customized design print if you could get me some connections with a full-time job so we can move away from Raleigh and closer to our family.