Happy Veterans Day

This blog has been a little bit of "the Corrie show" recently (aptly so, seeing as how our lives have been quite "the Corrie show" over the past few months). Rest assured that a couple more Corrie posts are on their way, as there are still many more photos to share and stories to tell.

However, with the Marine Corps' birthday and Veterans Day falling on consecutive days every November, this time of year is like the Fourth of July on steroids for us! I simply couldn't let the day pass without wishing my favorite veteran a happy Veterans Day, especially since it's his first Veterans Day as a 100% no-longer-active-duty veteran :)

photo by Amanda Castle Photography

Honestly, what good is a Veterans Day blog post without a couple of blast-from-the-past photos?

Teenage Beth & Zach at Zach's graduation from USMC Recruit Training (Boot Camp) Parris Island
April 2009

To my incredibly handsome veteran who was an active duty Marine back when they rolled sleeves in the Corps, issued BCGs to recruits (a beautiful farewell to the BCGs posted here), and trained for deployment at Enhanced Mohave Viper: your honor, courage, and commitment is so appreciated. I am so proud of everything you accomplished during your four years as an active duty Marine, and I am so proud of everything you continue to accomplish as my incredibly hard-working husband. Thanks for letting me tag along on your USMC journey; I love you!

And to so many other veterans that I've had the opportunity to know throughout Zach's four years of service in the Marine Corps: thank you for not only sacrificing to defend our country, but also for always taking care of my boy.

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." - JFK

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Happy Veterans Day!