Currently // December

CELEBRATING the end of Zach's semester/the beginning of his Christmas break! Zach had five exams this week (yuck, I don't miss those at all), but he just finished his last one this afternoon and is now halfway done with his criminal justice degree! Exclamation points for everybody!

CUTTING out paper snowflakes. I needed something to occupy my weekend while Zach was being super boring studying, so I grabbed some white paper out of the printer and went to town with my scissors. I hadn't made paper snowflakes in forever, so I was mildly impressed at what they looked like when all was said and done.

DECKING the halls, little by little. We've got twinkly lights around the crown molding in our living room (plus one leftover strand draped over our headboard), and that alone is enough to make it feel like Christmas magic up in here :) We've also got stockings, my Willow Tree nativity set, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and dozens of paper snowflakes strung together. It's a real simple newlywed Christmas, folks.

DRINKING cranberry ginger ale. My parents had some of this at their house over Thanksgiving weekend and now I'm hooked. Also drinking hot chocolate by the gallon, because it's COLD these days.

FIGURING out what to do with all the Christmas fabric I found in our Christmas storage bin. Apparently as I was shopping for grey/yellow fabric for our wedding last year, I threw in a bunch of Christmas-themed fabric as well. Not sure what I intended to do with it (it definitely wasn't for the wedding), but it clearly never happened and now I have lots of festive little patterns just dying to be made into something.

HIGH-FIVING myself for having more blog posts in the last month than in the two and a half months before that (granted, those were some crazy two and a half months... but still.) I genuinely love writing, and it feels good to visit this little space more frequently.

RUNNING a mile a day, say what? It's true. I still hadn't made up my mind on Thanksgiving if I was going to participate in the #mileaday challenge, but I went ahead and ran that afternoon (in between Thanksgiving lunch and Thanksgiving dinner, mind you. Terrible idea.) I did it again the next day, just in case, and by the following day, I figured this was becoming a thing and I might as well see it through. I managed to convince Zach to come along with me on Day 5... and every day since! Running with a Marine definitely has its perks; I've shaved nearly two minutes off my mile time since Zach started tagging along.

WATCHING I'll Be Home For Christmas as soon as I click "publish" on this blog post! There are a lot of mega-popular Christmas movies out there, so I sincerely doubt this 1998 classic with Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel is on anyone's top ten list... except mine :) Nonetheless, it's my favorite, because, well, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel, obviously.

WRAPPING presents, per the above photo. I like to wrap everything with brown kraft paper so I can doodle my heart out with Sharpies :) I also have a ridiculous amount of yarn from the "I think I'll teach myself to crochet" phase that I (unsuccessfully) went through last fall, so it comes in handy for making "ribbon" and tying cute little bows.

What are you currently up to, friend?