The End of an Era

I've mentioned it on the blog before, but for the twenty-three years I rocked the last name "Haynes," my mother insisted that my sisters and I sign our names on every single Christmas card.

I'm talking every. single. Christmas. card. All 200 of them.

The conversation is the same every year: my sisters hate me because my name is the shortest and argue that I should have to sign "Elizabeth," Katherine complains that she never got a nickname and lobbies for a switch to "Kate" or "Kathy," and, without fail, there is the battle to determine who is stuck writing the "and" between Katherine and Corrie's names. On top of all of it, there's the "Why can't we just be like everybody else and get photo cards with our names directly printed onto the card?" Sigh.

After twenty-three years of signing my name on all 200 of my parents' Christmas cards, I'm now married and get to make up my own rules regarding Christmas card traditions, leaving my sisters to suffer through that dreadful, hand-cramping December day. (You'd best believe that "not having to sign all the Christmas cards" made the "Reasons to Get Married ASAP" list.)

Now that I'm off on my own, what does my mother decide to do?

She switched to the photo-with-the-names-directly-printed-onto-the-card Christmas card.

Laugh it up, people.

With that being said, we gathered last month to snap the first ever Haynes family Christmas card photo. We took a bench that used to be at my great-grandfather's kitchen table, carried it across the street to the barns, and... tada!

Well, not exactly "tada!" They can't all be Christmas card-worthy shots.

Corrie was a bit of an attention hog this year, so we took a few photos showing off her diva status ;)

The official 2013 Haynes family Christmas card photo.

If you were really looking forward to getting a Christmas card from my parents this year with Katherine and Corrie's signature inside, please let my mother know. I hate to disappoint ;)

In the meantime, how is it possible that Christmas is only a week away? I still have a lot to do between now and then, but I'm super excited to spend my first Christmas with my husband :)