Deck Them Halls and All That Stuff

If you didn't catch the blog title reference, you should probably stop everything you're doing and go watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. Like, right now. Because I am all about Santa Claus and ho ho ho... and mistletoe and presents to pretty girls ;)


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in these parts, despite the fact that Zach and I opted to be super lame and not have a Christmas tree this year (and despite the fact that it was 77 degrees today... what?) The whole lack-of-Christmas-tree thing is partially due to the fact that we're determined to be "live tree" people, yet neither of us had any desire to lug a live tree up three flights of stairs at our apartment complex. It's also partially due to the fact that we spend the majority of the Christmas season visiting family (because nobody visits us, womp), so we wouldn't even be here much to enjoy it.

But we're not complete Scrooges, I promise! My favorite decoration this year is a lighted fabric garland that we made (yes, we... Zach helped!) one Friday night while watching Elf. Because our Friday nights are wild like that.

I apparently bought some Christmas fabrics last year while shopping for fabrics for our wedding. I'm not sure what I intended to do with them at the time, but it clearly never happened as I rediscovered them this year when I opened the Christmas decorations box. Oops! Regardless, it made for a happy little craft night, especially since I already had everything I needed :)

To make the garland, I cut the fabric into long strips that were 7" tall and then cut lots (and lots) of strips out of it that were 1" wide. To tie a scrap onto the strand of lights, I held the ends together to make a loop, placed the loop under the strand of lights, and then pulled the ends through the loop. Tying a regular knot would work just as well; I just liked the look of the loop knot more. I slid the knots together so the white strand of lights wasn't showing, and... tada!

As far as the rest of the Christmas decorations go... it's a newlywed Christmas, folks, and we're working with what we've got ;)

We've got a wreath made from all of the Christmas cards we've received this season and lots of hanging paper snowflakes from that-weekend-I-got-super-bored-while-Zach-was-studying-for-his-final-exams.

Plus we have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and my Willow Tree Nativity (with the addition of the wise men, thanks to my parents), so we're basically set.

For good measure, we also strung up white twinkly lights throughout the apartment. Because nothing says Christmas magic like white twinkly lights.

Amidst all of the Christmas decorating and movie-watching, we spent last Sunday at my home church in Winston-Salem where we got to listen to the Christmas cantata, see the children's Christmas play, and participate in a night of the church's annual live nativity.

On the agenda for this week? Nearly 500 miles of driving and six – yes, six – Christmas meals. I'll be off the blog during that time (but not off Twitter or Instagram, holla). Check back next week to find me (presumably 15 pounds heavier if I make it through the next six days) celebrating our one year anniversary with an official wedding blog post! Better late than never ;)

In the meantime, merry Christmas, friends!
Wishing you lots of love and joy this Christmas and all year long.