A personal project in which I document something I ate, something I wore, something I made, and something I explored once a week, every week, in 2014.

Something I ate: bagel bites, lest you ever think this will one day turn into a gourmet food blog. Just keeping it real over here, y'all. Bagel bites are still one of my favorite foods to this day.
Something I wore: this dress (yes, dress) from New York and Company, lest you ever think I'm capable of pairing together skirts and blouses first thing in the morning. There is not enough coffee in the world.
Something I made: lots and lots of heart confetti. I tend to go crazy with the paper punch.
Something I explored: the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the Nature Research Center in downtown Raleigh. Zach and I had such a fun little adventure in our own city.

3/52 features photos from January 16-January 22. See all posts in the "52 Weeks" series here.