Currently // February

I know we're already a month and a half into the new year, but I'm still figuring out which blog series I want to keep around in 2014 and which ones I'm over. That being said, the "Friday Phone Dump" series is no more, simply because Instagram is my every day phone dump. I post there much more frequently than I do on this blog, so if you find yourself missing the snapshots of my day-to-day life, you can find me at @simplybeffie.

Something that will be sticking around, however, is the "Currently" series. I didn't do one last month and kind of missed it, so it's safe to say "Currently" will continue to pop up once a month during 2014. Here's a glimpse at what's been going on so far this year:

CHEERING on the Wolfpack at the Sweetheart Invitational Gymnastics Meet. For Valentine's Day, I watched a couple of my former teammates compete at the collegiate level, and although I was probably the only spectator who wasn't a family member or shrieking seven-year-old compulsory gymnast, I was equally in love with the entire evening. I may have even shrieked a few times myself.

DANCING around my apartment in my bridesmaid's dress for one of my best girl's weddings! (It just arrived this week!) My dear friend Amy is getting married in a few months and I couldn't possibly be more excited or honored to be a part of her big day.

ENJOYING the snow days we've been having! We don't get a ton of snow here in North Carolina, and most years, the wintry mix that we do get rarely accumulates to more than a couple of inches. However, we've had a couple of REAL snowfalls during the past few weeks, and I love it :)

LOOKING forward to the 70 degree temperatures that are supposed to pop up mid-week! I know I said I love the snow (and I do!), but I do NOT like being cold, so if the winter wonderland is over, I'd much rather it be warm and sunny.

OBSESSING over Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Oh my word, it's hilarious. I saw an interview with Terry Crews on The Ellen Show a few weeks ago (have you SEEN him dance?), and decided to give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a shot. Zach and I have already caught up on the entire first season and absolutely love it. So many of our favorite shows are coming to an end after this season (How I Met Your Mother & Psych), so we're glad to have found a new one that (should hopefully) stay around for a while.

SNACKING on goodies that my mom sent our way in a Valentine's Day package. I'm not sure how old I have to be before the themed holiday packages stop showing up at my door, but I'm thankful that 24 isn't the cutoff!

THINKING about my Papa. My mom's dad spent a few days in the hospital last week with heart problems and was taken back to the hospital via ambulance this morning. He's back at home again, and the doctors are hoping that medication will fix the problem. I certainly hope that's the case; I am so over people that I love being in the hospital :(

WANTING to move to the Winston-Salem area (still, I know). Zach and I initially planned on living in Raleigh for the first five or so years of our marriage and then moving to Winston-Salem when we were ready to start having children. THEN we decided we'd move back after he finished his criminal justice degree (two years after our wedding). And now... now, we'd move tomorrow if we could. It's really hard being away from family, especially with everything that has gone on during the past six months. Unfortunately, jobs in Winston are harder to come by, so we're still in Raleigh in the meantime.

I said it back in the fall, but if anyone has a personal connection to a design/communications position in the Triad (not just "look, they're hiring designers"), we'd love you forever times a billion exclamation points!

Happy last few weeks of winter, friends :)