Happy Birthday, Corrie!

As far as significant birthdays go, 19 isn't typically considered to be one of them. Awkwardly wedged between the "I'm a legal adult" of 18 and the "I'm not a teenager anymore" of 20 (immediately followed by the "I'm even more of a legal adult" of 21), turning 19 has never seemed to be a personal milestone for anyone. Nineteen is just another birthday...

...until now.

My sister Corrie is celebrating her 19th birthday today, and after the year she's had, turning 19 feels a billion times more significant than any other "typical" birthday milestone. Last fall, our family faced the sobering reality that we may not get to celebrate March 3rd this year. Needless to say, we're so grateful for the chance to bust out the tiaras and pink princess party plates!

"Just another birthday" is no longer a thing around here. We're not taking any age for granted, regardless of how milestone-worthy it typically is or is not.

Corrie & her boyfriend of nearly two years, Carter

You are so loved, Corrie Anna, and you have touched SO many people during your nineteen years (and counting). Here's to hoping that 19 is a billion times better than 18! Happy birthday! Xo.