Sibling Photo Shoot | Robert & Lydia

Both of my younger cousins on my mom's side of the family (Robert & Lydia) are April babies, and their mom (my aunt) gets their photos taken every spring. She approached me a few weeks ago about doing something a little different than the traditional studio portraits and asked if I would be willing to take the pictures outside this year. Um, of course!

While I was in town a couple of weeks ago, I coerced my youngest sister into tagging along for the sole purpose of teasing Robert off-camera, and we all headed off to snap some photos at a local park. These are just a few of my favorites!

(Sometimes you have to stage the sibling love... just a little bit)

As far as the yearly birthday pictures go, this was quite a milestone year: Robert turned 16 earlier this month and Lydia turn 13 today! Happy birthday, you two! Thanks for letting me capture a little bit of your teenage years. And, you know, if you wanted to slow down with the whole "growing up" thing, I think we'd all be okay with that :)