Xo. Sincerely, B

While it seems that everyone and their mother has a social media account of some form these days, the reality is that neither of my parents are on social media... and none of my four grandparents even have a computer! In an attempt to still share some of the day-to-day aspects of my life with them while being 100+ miles away, I stumbled across an app that allows me to upload a photo from my phone and add text to the back like a postcard. The postcard is then printed on thick, glossy cardstock and mailed anywhere in the world for $1.99!

I made a template (complete with a super cliché "Greetings from Cary, North Carolina" postcard greeting) that I can drop photos into throughout the month. Then, when it's filled up, I add a message and send it straight from my phone in under 60 seconds. It seems a little weird (and self-centered) seeing a handful of these postcards featuring yours truly, but the grandparents certainly prefer that to a collage of my artsy latte photos, so I deliver ;) Occasionally, I even send them to family members who do have social media accounts. Online photo sharing is fun, but who doesn't love printed photos AND a little surprise in the mail? Double win!

I turn my photos into postcards using my favorite photo editing app, Afterlight. After adjusting the brightness and shadows (or adding filters and colored borders, if that's your thing), Afterlight gives me the option to save the photo to my camera roll, attach it to an email, or share it on various social media websites. Additionally, they have a "postcard" option. I've learned that the postcard option is powered by a company called "Sincerely" who apparently has lots of different design-your-own-postcard/greeting card apps. If you'd like to give it a try, you can click here to send a postcard for free :)

Of course, I adore staying in touch with visits and phone calls and handwritten letters, but I also love that these photo postcards allow those that I care about to view some of the same snippets of my life that I share with the rest of the world. It's like a not-so-instant Instagram ;)