Corrie + Colitis | Surgery #2

Last Tuesday, May 6, my entire family returned to UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for Corrie's second surgery in her fight against ulcerative colitis.

The surgery was expected to last 4-5 hours with a hospital stay of one week... and that's exactly what happened! (Nothing about Corrie case has been "typical" over the past nine months, so it was nice—and a bit shocking—to have something go according to plan!) I'm excited to share that Corrie was discharged from the hospital this afternoon and is already back at my parents' home in Winston-Salem.

Here are a few snapshots from Corrie's most recent hospital trip... nothing fancy, all taken on cell phones. I love how they reflect the support and closeness of our entire family. We've gained a bit of a reputation at the hospital throughout everything Corrie has been through: the nursing staff made sure to reserve one of the larger rooms for Corrie to stay in and brought in extra chairs before we even arrived. They know that both of my parents spend the night in her room, and that my other sister, Katherine, temporarily moves into my apartment (about 30 miles away) so we can all visit from sunup to sundown every day. If one of us is staying at the hospital, we're all staying at the hospital.

Mother's Day 2014

While it was great to catch up with so many of the nurses and doctors who have become part of our family, we're so glad this hospital stay was much shorter and rather uneventful. The procedure that Corrie had done means, of course, a painful recovery over the next few weeks, but seeing as how she walked over half a mile throughout the hospital hallways the day after her surgery, we have no doubt that she'll be back to 100% in no time. Sister is tough.

Thank you to everyone who has remembered Corrie and the rest of my family during this time. We're always overwhelmed by the community who rallies around us, and we're so grateful for your continued love and support as my sister focuses on recovering for her third—and final—surgery this summer.