Currently // June

GETTING ready for Corrie's third and FINAL surgery on Tuesday afternoon. We're only five days away, hallelujah! As always, I promise to keep everyone updated next week with a blog post or two – be sure to check back.

PINCHING myself approximately seventeen billion times a day at how great life is. The past year has been insanely rough, to say the least, but things are beginning to fall into place and I just couldn't be happier. Like, seriously... I could not be happier. I'm completely giddy with the work that I do, the people whom I love, and all the opportunities that are on the horizon.

PREPARING to send my man off on a two-week road trip. Zach has the chance to be an advisor at a National Youth Conference in Colorado, so he'll be road tripping across America, doing a lot of sight-seeing (Mount Rushmore, St. Louis Arch, Chicago Skydeck, etc.), hiking in the Rockies, and hanging out with virtually every elementary camper I ever had that somehow became old enough to go on a high school trip (what?!).

REMINISCING about the summer that Zach and I started dating. The month of June always brings a whirlwind of memories filled with hammocks and waterfalls and campfires and s'mores... and a super good-looking co-counselor ;) Plus, the 2014 calendar is identical to the 2008 calendar, so we've had a lot of fun remembering things like, "it's the very first Sunday of camp – exactly six years ago, we got Skittles together!" or "it's the Saturday between week 1 and week 2 of camp – exactly six years ago, you sneakily got my phone number!"

SIGNING a lease on a new apartment! It's true... this whole moving thing is really happening (finally)! The best part (besides being closer to family, of course)? We are moving from a 734-square-foot apartment to a 1100-square-foot apartment... and we'll be paying less per month! (The cost of living in Cary might be one of the more ridiculous things in life.) Our apartment complex is also brand new, so we'll be the first people to live in our unit. My youngest sister saw the apartment when we signed the lease last weekend and gave it her seal of approval, which means it must be nice. If you'd like to be one of the first people to see our new space, you could always help us unload the moving truck in a couple of weeks... ;)

SOAKING up as much summer as possible. I've always said that fall was my favorite season (which probably has a lot to do with the fact that my birthday is in October...), but summer has absolutely stolen my heart. I love sunshine, I love kayaking, I love being able to go for a walk around the lake at 8:00 p.m., and I love that everything feels like magic the second I step outdoors.

TRYING to decide if Zach leaving for two weeks just 36 hours after we move into our new place is the greatest idea or the worst idea ever. On one hand, I'll have two whole weeks to unpack and get the place looking perfect. On the other hand, I'll be buried alive under boxes while he's off on the trip of a lifetime.

WRITING this post on my new laptop! I finally gave in and replaced the MacBook Pro that got me through years of ten-page papers, graphic design projects, and Skype dates with a Marine in Afghanistan :) My old laptop has been on the brink of death for quite a while (the screen has been completely black for the past seven months, which, you know, caused some minor problems...). Needless to say, it was beyond time to put Eva MacMac (and me, really) out of her (our) misery. Also, it was actually cheaper to get an iMac AND a MacBook Air combined than get a new MacBook Pro... which is what I did! I now have an iMac for all my heavy-duty design projects and a MacBook Air for on-the-go convenience. You guys! I almost don't even want to use them... they just look so pretty! All the exclamation marks!


I can't believe that when it's time to write the "Currently" post for July, I'll be in a new apartment in a new (old) city while settling into my new job with my not-so-new man ;) Y'all, tomorrow marks six years that we've been together! Summer 2008 was beyond legendary, but summer 2014 has quite a special place in my heart. Cheers!