Currently // July

OH MY WORD, Y'ALL... July 2014 has been one for the books! This has undoubtedly been one of the busiest seasons of my life, but it's been oh-so-good :) Here's a peek at what I've been up to during my nearly month-long social media absence:

CELEBRATING my grandparents' 50th anniversary! Yay, love!

CHOPPING off all of my hair! I donated 12 inches last week... the fifth time I've been able to donate my hair (twice in high school, twice in college, and now). I like having long hair, but I certainly don't like the hassle of taking care of it. Short hair photos coming soon :)

EATING from the salad bar at Whole Foods on a regular basis. Fingers crossed that it helps balance out the cookie dough and Captain Crunch cereal that I also eat on a regular basis.

ENJOYING a much shorter commute to work these days. I've gained back almost eight hours of my week! It's a good thing I still have to pull this new apartment together; otherwise, I'm not sure what I'd do with all of this free time ;)

FEELING incredibly grateful that Corrie's third and final surgery was successful earlier this month. She's still recovering, but she's also looking forward to beginning college in three short weeks (cue all the tears)! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who checked in to see how things were going, sent cards, and loved on my sister this month... and the past year, really.

LOVING the fact that I can go to my grandparents' house on a Thursday evening for a bowl of homemade peach ice cream or to my other grandparents' house on a Wednesday evening for fresh cucumbers and green beans (20 pints worth!) from their garden. Y'all, I only live five miles away now and can do things like this!

MISSING my morning-coffee maker, my lunch packer, my laundry helper, and my goodnight kisser. Zach has spent the last two weeks as an advisor on a youth trip, so I've been holding down the fort in our new place and keeping everyone up-to-date with his travels here. He comes home late tomorrow night and I can't wait to hear more about his adventures from Chicago, Mount Rushmore, Colorado State University, the Gateway Arch, and beyond!

SAYING goodbye to Raleigh/Cary and hello to Winston-Salem! We loaded everything we own into a moving truck a couple of weeks ago and, with the help of family and friends (it takes a village, y'all), headed ~100 miles west. We're officially back in the 336 :)

UNPACKING box after box and making this space feel like home. Our new place is significantly larger than our old apartment, so I'm enjoying dreaming up all the possibilities!

USING a lot of exclamation points, apparently! So much excitement and so many changes during the last month – I'm looking forward to getting settled, getting my husband home, and getting started on this new adventure in our lives!