Currently // August

BRAGGING on my youngest sister, Corrie, who moved to Boone to begin her freshman year of college over the weekend, a milestone that is infinitely sweeter after the year my family has been through!
Exactly one year ago, Corrie was diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis and wasn't able to start college as planned. Since then, she's spent ~100 days in the hospital, had three surgeries, lost two organs, had a billion complications from surgeries (including some recently that landed her back in the hospital from July 31 – August 9), and essentially put her life on hold for a year. She's still not 100% medically cleared, but she's determined to push through this semester at Appalachian State... and she has the whole world rooting for her :)

CONFUSING myself constantly about what month it is due to my job in the magazine industry. Our September issues arrive at the office in less than 24 hours, we ship the October issue to the printer in a week, and I'm already beginning to prep files for the November issue... but it's only August! I know cries of "this year is going by so quickly!" and "how is summer already over?!" are super common, but I'm more like, "oh, whew – fall hasn't even really started, yet!" and "wait – I haven't missed so-and-so's birthday in September?!"

FEELING a tad bit sentimental (and old), because exactly ten years ago TODAY, I began my freshman year of high school and met some of the dearest people in the world. To the girl who relentlessly stalked me through the hallways, the guy who was late to the first day of biology, the girl who eerily looked like my twin across the room in English, and everyone in between: my life is better for knowing you and I've loved growing up alongside you over the past decade. (Decade? Decade!) Xo!

GETTING excited whenever someone tells me they've seen my name in the most recent issue of the magazine I work for ;) I've worked in design and production for a couple of magazines through the years, but this is the first time I get to be on the racks of every Target, Barnes & Noble, grocery store, drug store, etc. across the entire state! The publication is so well-loved by its nearly 900,000 readers, and I'm so honored to be a part of it.

LOOKING forward to what's to come in this little space. I've been writing and sharing snapshots of my life on this blog for over four years (!!!), and while things have been a little quieter than normal over here this summer, I'm not planning to go anywhere. I've spent an awkward amount of time with this blog over the years, and it makes me smile to know that you enjoy reading along.

LOVING this map of the introvert's heart that has been making its way around the interwebs this week. Self-checkout lanes and online ordering? Magazines and daydreams? I'm quite certain this is the most accurate map I've ever seen ;)

REMINDING myself that it took a while (like, a year) to get really settled into our old apartment, so I shouldn't be concerned that our new (larger) space isn't 100% put together yet. Slowly, but surely, Zach and I are putting dreams into plans and putting plans into action – lots of DIY projects on the horizon.

WISHING everyone a wonderful school year, including Zach, who started his fourth and final semester (yay!) of his criminal justice degree today, and my sister Katherine, who will be kicking off her first ever school year as not-a-student, but an elementary school resource teacher! To all those who are learning or teaching, may you be inspired and inspire others to do good in this world :) Cheers!