Currently // September

CHEERING for my beloved Blue Devils. Zach and I went to Durham this past weekend for the game v. Kansas and thoroughly enjoyed the 41-3 win... and the most successful start to a Duke football season since I was four years old ;)

DOING a very, very happy dance in honor of Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix next month!

ENJOYING spontaneously meeting up with my parents and grandparents and sister for ice cream in the middle of the week, simply because we live five miles apart now. And, because, ice cream.

EXPERIENCING the world of IKEA for the first time. Are you allowed to be a twentysomething without ever stepping foot into the endless abyss of modern Swedish furniture? Zach and I weren't sure, so we ventured down to Charlotte weekend before last just for the joy! We not only ended up with our dear little plant friend (pictured above), but a few other things for our new apartment that I hope to show on here sometime this fall. Who doesn't love a good home tour? :)

GETTING over the worst end-of-summer cold in the history of ever. I had the sore-throat-that-turns-into-neverending-congestion combo for ten straight, and right as I was getting better, Zach came down with it. He's finally on the upswing now, but it's been not-so-pleasant around here these past few weeks.

LOVING the chance to wear leggings and comfy long-sleeved shirts. I've been around long enough to know that I can't put the shorts away just yet, but fall is tiptoeing into North Carolina... and it feels good :)

PLANNING lots of exciting weekend adventures this fall. I'm stoked for day trips to the mountains as the leaves are changing!

REDESIGNING the blog... just a little :) I love updating this space as my style and tastes evolve, so I've freshened everything up recently. (If you're viewing this post in a blog reader or email, you may need to click over to the blog to see.)

TRYING new restaurants, like Hops Burger Bar in Greensboro. I don't feel obligated to test out every restaurant and dish we feature in the magazine (or else I'd weigh a billion and a half pounds), but I couldn't resist a burger called the "North Carolinian." Applewood bacon, fried green tomato, pimento cheese... how adorably Southern is that? Y'all, I'm so head over heels for the Old North State.

WATCHING episode after episode of Friends, which needs to be the next show to join Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Clearly.


Cheers, September! Xo.