Currently // November

ENJOYING all the peppermint-flavored things. I don't do pumpkin, but the Red Cups are here and my taste buds can finally partake in the holiday festivities. Bless it.

FALLING madly in love with the colors of the leaves this time of year. Have they always been this gorgeous? I think they're a little more spectacular this time around, no?

KEEPING up with Corrie's never-ending hospital saga. It's been over two months since I last posted an update, but that certainly doesn't mean things are back to normal. Corrie ended up in the emergency room on my birthday last month and has been back in town for follow-up scans / appointments / procedures every weekend since then. We gave up on updating the world because it literally. never. ends., so if you are wondering if things are still happening, *SPOILER* they are. Cor had her 11th (?!) drain inserted this month, so now we're back to waiting. Fingers crossed.

POLLING everyone on their default spelling of Zac/Zach/Zack. As in, if you met someone named Zac/Zach/Zack, how would you assume their name was spelled until you found out otherwise?

PREPPING myself to revert back to a middle school fangirl the day after Thanksgiving. Relient K is coming to Charlotte as part of their MMHMM 10th Anniversary Tour and, y'all, I'm an inappropriate amount of excited. You best believe my 8th grade self got that CD when it came out ten years ago... and you best believe I bought tickets the minute they went on sale this summer. No shame.

TRYING new things... like Bikram Yoga. Not gonna lie: I will forever be a step aerobics girl, but it's fun to do something completely different. Also, you'll never find me complaining about being in a 105°F room when it's 30°F outside. (Winston-Salem friends, Camel City Yoga has an introductory special of 10 consecutive days for $20. Also, I have a few free guest passes if anyone is interested!)

WINNING all the free concert tickets! The magazine I work for gets insanely sweet tickets to events at the Greensboro Coliseum (complete with VIP parking, premium seats, access to the Schiffman's Diamond Club, etc.), and I've been fortunate enough to snag a few this month! Weekend before last, Zach and I got to see Daughtry in concert, and the next night, we brought my aunt and cousin along to the Thrive Tour with Casting Crowns, Sidewalk Prophets, & Mandisa. We're also going to see Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood this Saturday. I love my job, period... but these free perks are a definite bonus!

WORKING on so many fun little projects :) We had a big party for my Papa's 80th birthday last weekend, so I got to design the invitations and make all sorts of paper decorations (banners & folded paper circles galore). I'm currently wrapping up Zach's graduation announcements (less than four weeks – woo!) which also means that I'm having too much fun with résumé layout design. It's my favorite... next to Christmas card designs! I'll be honest: I start casually working on Christmas cards in August, but now I have to get serious and narrow down my five billion options. Ahh!


Seriously, how is it already nearing the end of November?! What are you up to these days, friend?