Print Design: Birthday Edition


August is a big birthday month in my family, but this year was bigger than most: my dad turned 50 and my grandmother (Maw-maw) turned 80... on the same day. (Because every guy should be so lucky as to share a birthday with their mother-in-law!)

What's a milestone birthday without a little bit of print production, amiright?

My family knew my dad wouldn't be thrilled with a grand party, but we still wanted him to know how loved he was and feel super celebrated on his special day. I designed a standard rack card-sized (4" x 9") birthday announcement to let people know that his 50th birthday was just around the corner (!), and listed his address, phone number, and email for people to send birthday wishes his way.

I mailed them out to family and friends, and the response was great! He received so many cards, texts, and emails – definitely a good idea to tuck away for (a) anyone who wouldn't overly love all the fuss of a party, and/or (b) anyone who isn't about that social media life and won't be receiving hundreds of birthday wishes on their Facebook page :) We still went out and celebrated as a family, but it was really special to have so many others sending their love on such a milestone occasion.

A grand slam, indeed.

My family threw a pretty good-sized party for my grandfather's 80th birthday last fall, so of course we did the same for Maw-Maw. I designed a 5" x 7" invitation, and 60 people (!) came out to celebrate the sweetest lady I know, five different flavors of homemade ice cream and a birthday photo booth included :)

I'll share some party photos in the future, but in the meantime... that elementary school photo of Maw-Maw from the 1940s, right? I hadn't ever seen it before, but it's beyond adorable. Present-day Maw-Maw is just as cute, so here's to hoping genetics work in my favor.

Zach's birthday is the same week as both my dad's and grandmother's (I told you August was a big birthday month around here), so of course I designed something for his special day.

It wasn't a party invitation, though. It was actually his birthday gift (sort of).

I set my alarm one Saturday morning back in May to get online and order two tickets to a Carolina Panthers football game the exact second they went on sale for the year... and kept it a secret for months! Since the "tickets" these days are just an email with a barcode that can be scanned from your phone, I designed a couple of tickets-that-look-like-actual-tickets for Zach to open on his birthday. I got a pretty solid reaction when he opened them, so I'd say it was a success. It'll be our first NFL game, and we're both super stoked. Because football. And by football, I mean Luke and J.J., Zach's man-crushes ;)

Cheers for man-crushes... and birthdays... and print design – all day, every day!