Currently // June

CURRENTLY // JUNE • 06.18.15

It's been a few months since a "currently" post (or any post, for that matter), so here's a snapshot of my life at the moment.

CELEBRATING one year at my job, as well as back-to-back promotions in the last two months! I love this magazine, this company, this brand – y'all, I genuinely look forward to coming to work every day and getting to do what I do :)

CHECKING things off our summer bucket list :) Last summer was a little crazy with the whole commuting-160-miles-every-day thing, not to mention moving across the state in the middle of July and Zach's two-week cross-country road trip, so we're taking advantage of more time for regular summer adventures together.

CHEERING Zach on as he works so hard to pursue his dreams. The past month has been filled with some seemingly impossible obstacles, but we've made it to the other side (whew!) and are so close to making his dreams a reality.

CRUSHING so hard on this newest trailer for The Peanuts Movie. You'll know where to find me come November 6.

Speaking of movies...

LOOKING forward to having everyone on my mom's side of the family over (Florida cousins included!) this weekend to take advantage of our apartment's 21-seat home theater. We've got it booked for the entire weekend, so some Netflix marathons may or may not be occurring as well...

PLAYING with the newest member of our family: Schmidt "Schmidtty the Kitty" Jones :) We rescued a six-month-old kitten from the SPCA this spring and he's legit the coolest. Schmidt demands lots of attention (like me), is quite fond of napping (like Zach), and we recently discovered that he's a coffee aficionado (like both of us, although we're trying to be more careful about where we set down our coffee mugs, oops).

REMINISCING on summer camp and summer love and summer adventures, as is typical for this time of year. It's hard to believe it's been seven summers since I first developed a crush on another counselor while working in the mountains of Virginia. Spoiler: he liked me back ;)

WANTING to really establish a sense of community and find a solid group of like-minded(ish) people to spend time with. I feel like a lot of people our age are: (a) still a few years off from getting married and enjoy hanging out with all their other non-married friends, or (b) already have a couple of toddler-aged children and enjoy hanging out with all their parent friends. Zach and I are awkwardly between the two stages (and have zero plans to join the second group any time soon). Surely we can't be the only ones, right? Any thoughts?


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