Arts and Crafts

ARTS AND CRAFTS • 09.09.15

I painted these wooden letters last year for my sister's classroom (she's an elementary school resource – special education – teacher) and figured now's just as good a time as ever to pop in and share them :)

aka, I bought an iMac last summer and just got everything set up last weekend, so now I'm on a photo uploading + organizing binge!

As a visual arts major in college, my emphasis was on design and printmaking and photography and anything that's not painting, so a brush is the last thing I prefer to have in my hands. (But give me a burnisher, squeegee, or wireless mouse all day long, please. You know, the usual art supplies.)

However, I can't say no when my sister asks for something – for the kids, y'all – so a paintbrush it was (and roughly a hundred coats of paint because this wood was sucking up everything I threw at it).

Overall, a pretty simple little project that turned out rather cute – and looks even better in my sister's adorable classroom! With that being said, cheers to all the teachers starting off a new school year. Wishing you lots of patience and energy – and an occasional five minutes to yourself ;)