Currently // September


DESIGNING all the things! The past few months have been filled with more freelance projects than normal: invitations, résumés, business cards, brochures, and Christmas cards (yes – 'tis the season). I might not be able to save the world, but I can stop a few people from creating their own marketing materials using clipart and Papyrus, which is basically the same thing.

EATING Cookout because today is National Cheeseburger Day and our office does not miss an occasion to have a catered meal. Or a potluck meal. Or a "this-is-being-featured-in-next-month's-issue-so-here's-all-the-leftover-food-from-the-photoshoot" meal. Y'all, the freshman 15 has nothing on the Our State 20 ;)

FEELING ridiculously undeserving of the selfless love Zach shows me every day. As I mentioned, Z started his full-time job a few weeks ago, which means our days of him being at home and helping our lives run smoothly are over. However, I'm still waking up every morning to a cup of coffee on my nightstand and a packed lunch in the kitchen with a little note, despite the fact that he's out the door by 5:30 a.m.

GETTING excited about our first NFL game this weekend. Because if you make my coffee in the morning, I'll buy you tickets to watch your two man-crushes (Luke Kuechly + J. J. Watt) play against each other. Seems fair ;)

LOVING my job a ridiculous amount. I feel like I gush over this all the time, but y'all, getting to play a role in this brand, this magazine – it's the coolest. The story of how I ended up here is, well, nothing short of sweet serendipity... and I couldn't be happier.

PLANNING to attend some of the 240th anniversary events at the church where I grew up. A really great article about the church was featured on the front page of the Winston-Salem Journal this week. Although Zach and I made the decision to attend a different church when we moved to the area last summer, my "home church" will always have a special place in my heart and I'm looking forward to the homecoming celebration this weekend!

ROCKING the photobooth with Zach during last weekend's Bookmarks Festival (see photo above). I'll be honest: we went for the food trucks and new gallery exhibit at Sawtooth, not really for the books and authors, but we had a great time nonetheless.

TRYING to figure out how I feel about my bangs. They've had a good little run for the last two and a half years, but I think I'm ready to start growing them out. Maybe? Until I'm ready to commit, they're in the super awkward too-long-to-hang-in-my-face-but-not-long-enough-to-be-tucked-behind-my-ear phase, so, there's that.

Happy weekend, friends. Cheers!