Currently // November


Sneaking in here with just a few hours to spare, because goodness, November was filled with lots of good things & I want to remember them all.

ADVENTURING throughout the state. Fall 2015 will forevermore be known as the season of all the day trips! From the Carolina BalloonFest in Statesville to the Renaissance Festival in Huntersville, from the mountains outside of Brevard to the Panthers game in Charlotte – Zach and I have spent the past few months driving and exploring and making the most of the time we get to be together.

CELEBRATING my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. They got engaged on their 6th date and were married less than three months later because, well, when you know, you know :) They are – hands down – the cutest couple I have ever been around. You should've seen my Papa sneakily trying to get my Maw-Maw under the mistletoe last Christmas!

CRYING (no shame) while watching The Peanuts Movie in theaters on opening weekend. Y'all, I've been a fan of Charlie Brown and the gang my whole life, so I had some pretty high expectations. The whole movie – the script, the score, the animation – was beyond perfect. Five stars, definitely recommend.

FEELING extra grateful for a family who loves so well.

FINISHING up our Christmas cards, which is always one of my favorite little projects to kick off the season. Snail mail is my love language, and I can't wait to send & receive bundles of it all month long!

GETTING ready to cheer my youngest sister on at her first 5K race this weekend. Corrie has dealt with more than her fair share of health issues for over two years now, but she's currently abscess-free and the doctors seem to think she won't have any further complications. We're cautiously optimistic, but also so proud of her for working to reach this goal. What a milestone!

LOVING the chance to go on an overnight trip to the plant where the magazine I work for is printed (as well magazines and catalogs for so many other major companies: Us Weekly, Kohl's, Samaritan's Purse, etc.). The pre-press, the printing, the binding – it's the. most. fascinating. process. I have such a deep appreciation for everything that goes into turning a pretty little digital file into a real-life product.

STUFFING my face with so many tasty goodies ('tis the season), but also feeling super proud of myself & Zach for participating in a 1000 Calorie Workout Challenge on Thanksgiving morning. Two hours of hot yoga for me + two hours of circuit training for him = extra room for pumpkin cheesecake bars, thank you :)