Keep Pounding

KEEP POUNDING • 11.09.15

A few months ago, I completely surprised Zach for his birthday with two tickets to the first Panthers home game of the 2015 season. Neither of us had ever been to an NFL game before, but seeing how Zach's two man crushes (J.J. Watt & Luke Kuechly) were set to play each other, it seemed like a solid first game to attend ;)

We live just a little over an hour away from the stadium, but we left super early and arrived before the gates even opened. Fortunately, it was an absolutely beautiful day... plus some super enthusiastic fans were handing out blue & black Mardi Gras beads while we waited (?), so, there's that.

We got to watch all of the pre-game festivities including Thomas Davis being honored for receiving the 2014 NFL Man of the Year Award and Steph Curry hitting the "Keep Pounding" drum. In an attempt to have a super authentic NFL game day experience, we also hit up the merchandise store and spent half our life savings on a couple of hamburgers and fries. Elite fan status, am I right?

Nearly three years into this whole marriage thing and I still love to point out every Jones I see. (Like Colin Jones, #42) – "LOOK, ZACH – MAYBE WE'RE RELATED!" I'll have you know that Zach appreciates my "maybe we're related" jokes almost as much as he likes all of the physics-related jokes I cranked out about the Watt / Newton match up. The force, the power – truly an electrifying day for sports, y'all.

I snapped all sorts of photos in the couple of hours leading up to kick off, but got caught up in everything once the game actually started and didn't even think to pick up my camera again until the very end of the third quarter. Thinking there was a good chance we'd score (the Panthers were first and goal), I looked through the lens, clicked twice, and... well, if you're only going to have two photos of the actual game, you should probably make sure they involve the quarterback legitimately flipping through the air to score a touchdown.

We ended up winning the game (and winning all the games so far since then–what?!) and I think Zach and I would both agree that good times never seemed so good (so good, so good, so good).


We'll be back, Sir Purr. 'Til then... keep pounding!