Heritage Day

I can't remember the last time I was this legit excited about anything! It's officially October, which is only contributing to the excitement, and that means Heritage Day is finally finally finally here! Since I'm way too hyped up to write any type of coherent blog post, I'll leave you with:

The Top Ten Reasons This Is Going To Be The Best Weekend Ever

1. Road Trip with Zach. Seriously, going on road trips is one of my absolute favorite things. The fact that it's with my favorite person ever just makes it even more perfect. Z is an awesome road trip buddy; I've always told him that I feel like we could drive straight across the country together and I'd just be so content the entire time. Maybe it's because the majority of our road trips are solo (him coming to visit me or me driving to see him), so while it may not seem like a big deal to other couples, spending three hours simply being together in the car is like, heaven for us. Plus, I've got my new road trip playlist all ready to go. Have I mentioned how excited I am?

2. Camp Bethel & the Shaky Bridge. I wish I could put into words the feeling I get when I turn onto the gravel road. Many people say home is where the heart is, and since a huge portion of my heart is undoubtedly "in the hills of Virginia, where the whippoorwills are calling, where the crystal springs are flowing," I am definitely home whenever I drive through those camp gates. (Aw. How cute was that?) However, no trip to CB is complete without some time on the "shaky bridge," my most favorite place in the world. Many of my most meaningful life discussions, cherished memories, and precious heart-to-hearts have occurred in this very spot, and I'm sure this weekend will be no different :)

3. David Jamison. David was one of my closest friends even before he helped set me & Zach up :) He probably knows more about me than most anyone else...and he might be the only friend whose bloody toe I've ever bandaged. But why does David get his own special category? Because... David was in BVS (Brethren Volunteer Service) for the past year(ish) out in Kansas and I haven't seen him since he came home for a brief visit over Christmas/New Years... nine months ago! We have so much hugging & "so, tell me about your life" conversations to catch up on --- I cannot wait to see him!

4. Camp Bethel Family. Not only am I "coming home" for the weekend, but so is everyone else! All of the loves of my life that I've had the privilege of working with for four summers --- Damon, Alyson, Tina, Tyler, Josh, Stephanie, Ron, Ryan, Hannah, Katie, Billy, Chuck, Tabitha (this is the part where everyone else gets really mad if they're not included --- I love you all, promise. These are just the people I know are gonna be there). Lots more hugs and catching up, and probably a few jumping pictures if we're lucky :)

("Excuse me ma'am!!! Why did I not know you have a blog?!! Now I have so much stalking to catch up on since you didn't tell me sooner!!!" - Tina Lowe)

5. Hammocking. There's not really much to say about this one. It's just perfect.

6. Apple Butter. My dad was the Virlina District Youth Cabinet advisor when I was younger, and I remember hearing countless stories of him & the youth stirring apple butter at camp; I couldn't wait until I was finally old enough to tag along! Since the apple butter has to be stirred continuously, everyone signs up for a shift and takes turns throughout the night. I love spending the wee hours of the morning as a group in the Hexagon almost as much as I enjoy the steady rocking motion of stirring. That's completely false. I'm a dreadfully awful stirrer, mostly because I have the attention span of a three year old, but it's a two person job & I'm hoping Zach is better than I am. (We've done it together before; I just can't remember.) Anyway, we have the 2:30-3:30AM shift, and we promise to try really hard to not make the stirring stick hit the side of the pot ;)

7. Camp Fires. Granted, the fire underneath the apple butter pot won't be quite as large as this fly-in fire from a 2008 worship picture that I love, but there will be a camp fire and I will be happy. I miss the peaceful silence that accompanies the crackling of the fire, and the glow of familiar faces sitting around. As weird as it may seem, I even miss my clothes smelling like smoke for the rest of the week. Good times, good times.

8. Family. No, not my camp family. My family family! Katherine is driving up from High Point tonight (she gets the 3:30-4:30AM shift...sucker) and mom & dad are driving up from Winston tomorrow. It's always good to see them, plus mom normally gives me some money to buy all the wonderfully tasty goodies. Epic success :)

9. Tyler's Birthday. TODAY is T Goss's 20th BIRTHDAY! Seriously one of the coolest people I'll ever know (if you can't tell from this picture taken at Heritage Day 2009) and I can't wait to celebrate with him. Speaking of which, at Camp Bethel, we have a special way of wishing our counselors a happy birthday...

10. Birthday Month.Like I stated at the beginning of the post, today is the first day of October! And, according to very credible sources, October is the best month ever... mostly because it's my birthday month :) While my birthday is still 22 days away, I fully intend on making the most of my birthday month. And when I say "I fully intend on making the most..." I actually mean "I fully intend on constantly reminding others so they make the most." You've been warned :) I'm aware it doesn't have much to do with Camp Bethel or Heritage Day, but the fact that I get to start telling everyone that it's my birthday month is a significant enough reason to be included in my "Top Ten Reasons This Is Going To Be The Best Weekend Ever" list.

Whew! Now I just have to get through one early class and wait all day for Zach to get off work & drive two and a half hours to Durham so we can then drive three hours to Fincastle. Ugh. It's going to be a long day. But it's definitely gonna be worth it!