Photo Update

I've been out of town the past two weekends, so I figured I'd put up a few pictures of my most recent adventures :)

On September 23-26, I went to Cherry Grove, SC with 28 other ladies from my church for a retreat. The weather was absolutely beautiful the entire time, and I enjoyed a much-needed break from school.

The first two pictures were taken from the house where we had the retreat, and the third was taken from my balcony of the condo next door -- the perfect spot to read Nicholas Sparks' latest book!

Last weekend, I went up to Heritage Day at Camp Bethel. Zach got to Durham a little after 8:00, and after one stop at the uber-sketch Chicken Store bathrooms in Martinsville, we pulled into camp at exactly 11:15PM. Needless to say, lots of hugging and chatting and more hugging occurred with the rest of the Camp Bethel gang until our shift to stir the apple butter at 2:30AM. By then, we were the only ones up around the fire, but time flew... and we only hit the side of the pot once! Such pros :)

I didn't bust out the camera until Heritage Day was almost over... fail. Oh well. Zach & I got some pretty awesome shots on the shaky bridge.

And what do I have to look forward to this weekend? Fall break -- thank goodness! I'm heading back to Winston -- I haven't been home for more than a couple of hours since moving to Durham at the beginning of August. Plus, we're celebrating my 21st birthday with the extended family two weeks early. Yesss! :)