Veterans Day

First things first. Yesterday was the 235th Marine Corps Birthday. This picture was from the 234th Birthday Ball last November. We didn't get to go to the ball this year since Zach just recently switched units. And we won't go to the ball next year, either, since Zach will be in Afghanistan. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to birthday #237. But, this isn't about me.

This isn't about me.

It's something I have to remind myself of occasionally, but for Zach... it's how he lives his life every single day. It's not about him. If it was about him, I somehow doubt he would wake up at 5AM (0500) every morning. I doubt he would have weeks where he works 18 hour days and gets permanent blisters from his boots. He definitely wouldn't spend hours rolling sleeves and field daying and LTI'ing and PT'ing and every other acronym'ing imaginable.

But it's not about him.

He's the most selfless and hard-working individual I know, and he has been ever since the day I met him. He never complains about all of the junk he has to deal with. He's never in the spotlight. Yet every day, he pours his heart into whatever task he is assigned.

Because it's not about him.

He sacrifices more than I could ever imagine. He is used to being apart from the people he cares about the most. He has accepted orders to a new unit, knowing that a ten month deployment is rapidly approaching.

Because it's not about him.

Every day, Zach's duty as a United States Marine comes first because he recognizes that it's not about him. It's about a commitment to Corps and country. It's about an oath he took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It's about a life currently spent in service to protect our nation.

So today, it is about him.

It's about him and so many others, past and present, who have selflessly given so much for our freedom.

"We often take for granted
the very things that most deserve our gratitude."

So thank a military member today. Better yet, thank mine... because I'm pretty convinced he's one of the best there is ;)

LCpl Jones, I am so blessed to date my best friend and my hero. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the sacrifices you make. You truly are an incredible man of God & an incredible Marine, and it is an honor to support you in all that you do. Semper Fi, precious boy. I love you forever!

Happy Veterans Day!