Snail Mail & Packages

Guess what came in the mail today?

My post-it notes from Etsy :) Oh my goodness, are they not adorable?? Um, yeah. I signed up for the Etsy email of the day a long time ago, and every day I use every ounce of self-control I have to not purchase at least twelve new items. But these precious sticky notes were too much -- I couldn't resist. They finally arrived all the way from South Korea and I almost don't want to use them because they're just so cute and pretty.

(PS. This is a picture off the website. My cuticles are so much better than that...)

AND... I got TWO letters in the mail: one from Blake & one from Hannah :)

Don't get me wrong -- I absolutely love my handwriting! But if I could trade for a month or so, I would trade with Hannah. Her handwriting is gorgeousss and her letter is so long and pretty to look at. Haha. Not to mention that she is always so sweet and encouraging in her notes, PLUS she decorated the outside of the card herself & it's super cute. Perfect.

Blake is currently at Parris Island, the same place Zach was 21 months ago, and will graduate as a United States Marine in three weeks! It's SO weird to go to my mailbox and pull out that Marine Corps envelope -- instant flashbacks to my freshman year of college. This time, however, I made it back to my room before opening the letter, as opposed to the dozens of times I sat in the windowsill in the basement of the post office :) Blake is doing really well -- he's in the running to be the Iron Man of his platoon, which is a really big deal, and may even get promoted to PFC before he graduates. And even though he's hundreds of miles away and going through SO much, the majority of the four page letter was written to encourage me. Wow. He made a boot print on the outside of the envelope and put a clear piece of packaging tape over it so it wouldn't smudge or get messed up. I thought it was funny!

Aw. I absolutely love my camp friends, and I absolutely love love loveee snail mail. And if this post has inspired you to write some snail mail of your own and perhaps send it my way, you can click on the "happiness" tab right up there underneath my picture. Do it. I'll write back. And my cards/letters are epic. Promise.