Summit & Sushi

Eeek! For the past two or three weeks, Kacey & I have been planning for me to visit her at work on a Saturday night, and we finally made it happen yesterday :) Before venturing out to Cary, though, Zach and I went to the 6:00 service at the Summit.

We absolutely love getting to go to the Saturday night service together every week, as opposed to last year when I went to the Summit on Sunday mornings and Zach went to First Baptist of Jacksonville. Don't get me wrong -- it was cool to spend our Sunday evenings discussing both services. But it's also really refreshing to attend the same church, hear the same message, and talk about it as different points get brought up throughout the week. Last night's sermon was really meaningful to me, hence why I linked the podcast up above so I can listen again when it's posted this week.

Presently, Zach's at a stage in his life where he's beyond ready to be out of the Marine Corps, and I'm so beyond ready to graduate from Duke (788 days and 552 days, respectively). However, we are constantly reminding ourselves that we are exactly where God intends for us to be right now, and while it may be frustrating to be "in the pasture" as JD keeps referencing, we ultimately know that God is using this time to grow and strengthen and mold us. And although dear ol' dad still snaps at me for doodling during church, I think it's perfectly acceptable when I end up with this on the back of my bulletin as a nice reminder for the months ahead:
At the end of the service, Zach and I discovered that we had been sitting on the same row as Tucker & Cameron (and Cameron's family) the entire time! Tucker, Zach, and I got to spend a few minutes with Cam & the parents before leaving for Domo Sushi, where we met up with Ben, who was visiting from Appalachian, and William. And Kacey, of course. It was a mini-Calvary '08 reunion :)

Before I go any further, let me tell you how nervous I was about taking Zach to a sushi restaurant. He's eats basically anything, but the whole concept of sushi freaks him out beyond belief. It was definitely a new experience for him... and he LOVED it! When we left he was already talking about how we HAVE to go back really soon because it was SO good. He ended up ordering the same thing as William & Tucker, the maynard roll, which had shrimp tempura, avocado, and cream cheese. I played it safe with the yaki udon, which was just thick noodles and pork. Ben got something similar because, "it sounded the most like Kimono's." Haha, we're such wimps. However, now that I've experienced it once, I'm definitely ready to come back & be more adventurous. If you ever get the chance, you should definitely go as well. That blonde waitress is a hottie... ;)

Sadly, nobody's food looked like this, but it screamed "Kacey" so much that I just had to include it.

I brought my camera to Domo, but forgot to take pictures of the evening. Fail. I've gone for so long without a camera that it's taking me forever to get back into the swing of things. All the more reason to do it again, right? And Amy... you come too!

Zach and I did make a little video once we got back to my room to document the night. I had to convince Zach to be in the video with me, and after he finally agreed (he hates videos), we recorded the entire thing and realized that it had messed up & not recorded much of anything at all. So sad. We did a modified take 2, and you can watch part of the compilation :)

PS--I think Zach's under the impression that he didn't actually eat sushi because there was no raw fish involved? Shhh...

Overall, such a wonderful Saturday evening. I was blessed with some wonderful friends in high school who continue to be such a blessing to me today. I'm so glad we still stay in touch and have been hanging out more frequently this semester; I think I've needed that more than I could ever realize. Loveee you guys!