Ice Skating

A couple of weeks ago, Kacey had the "best. idea. ever" for all of us to have a typical Saturday (The Summit Church & Bojangles, obviously) and then head to Hillsborough for ice skating :) By "all of us," I mean, you know... just a mini CBHS class of '08 reunion, since over a quarter of us live in the RDU area now. Add in some roommates, boyfriends, and a couple of guys that I still don't know (whoops!), and you have our evening at Triangle Sportsplex.

The last time I went ice skating, I was with two eight year old girls from my church who had never skated before. It was perfectly acceptable for me to stay close to the wall and hold their hands, and if I did happen to fall, it was only because they were slipping all over the place and kept kicking my skates out from under me (right?) ;)

Unfortunately, I had no eight year old skating buddies to blame my lack of gracefulness on this time.

To make matters worse, we played "butt tag" on the ice, which became increasingly more violent as the night progressed.

We took a bunch of group pictures --- some functional, and some not-so-much...

...mostly not-so-much.

I had such a wonderful evening with such wonderful people... especially my two best friends in the entire world :)

Also, I would like to note that I (surprisingly) only fell once the entire night. William and Zach were the only witnesses, but don't worry. They laughed hard enough for everyone. I kind of wish I had that on video, but instead, I will leave you with my big trick for the night. It's okay to be jealous; not everyone can be as professional as me :)

The end :)