Lord, Help the Mister...

Guess who came to visit me this weekend?

My sisters!

I'm still not sure exactly how it happened. Katherine was talking about bringing Corrie down here for the last weekend of the J.Crew warehouse sale (since her 16th birthday is in 39 days---she only mentioned that half a dozen times this weekend) and asked if they could stay with me. Needless to say, the concept of sister bonding excited mom so much that she sent her debit card along & told us that in addition to Corrie's birthday purchases, we could each pick out one thing on her AND go out to eat. Mom has dreamed about something like this happening for... well, almost 16 years now. She was so thrilled, in fact, that Corrie's resolution to "not return home single" only phased her slightly :)

I was on-call in the dorm, so we couldn't actually go out and do anything Saturday night. No worries. There was plenty of entertainment.

We woke up on Sunday and went to the 9AM service at the Summit. I absolutely love love loveee the Summit Church; if I don't stay in the RDU area after graduation, I think I'll probably miss the Summit more than I'll miss Duke. I didn't know how Katherine & Corrie would react, seeing as how we were raised in a church that is literally 50x smaller, but they loved it too!

After church we went straight to Chapel Hill for the J.Crew warehouse sale, and it was probably the most overwhelming experience of my life. I learned one thing: all three of us have something in common after all. We love a good deal, but we'd rather pay 3x more for something and not have to deal with all the people and clutter and unorganization (we've never been Black Friday shopping---can you tell?) I was done after about ten minutes; Katherine and Corrie lasted all of twenty. Hot mess. They each got one thing, and I'm fairly certain they spent more money on gas to get down here than they saved at the warehouse sale, but it was all part of the experience, I suppose. You live and you learn.

We ate at Chili's (thanksss, mom) and decided the only cure for our warehouse sale blues was a trip to Anthropologie, obviously.

This is my favorite store. Ever. In the world. Katherine loves it as well. But Corrie had never been! *gasp* Needless to say, she quickly progressed through the two stages of anyone who ever ventures into Anthropologie.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Hahaha, those were my two favorite Corrie lines of the day. She got a couple of shirts for her birthday, and I just wandered around the store wishing that I wasn't a broke college student (sigh). I tried playing the "What would I get if I was on a $500 shopping spree" game, but the fact that $500 would only get me a couple of pieces of home decor was probably more depressing than the fact that I really am a broke college student.

The new apron that I want (need) didn't help much of anything. Do I actually ever cook or bake anything? No. Would I ever cook or bake anything if I had this apron? Probably not. However, "probably not" is somewhat more likely than "no," so if anyone feels so compelled to test out the "will the Rosey Prim apron make Beth want to cook?" hypothesis, today is my 21 1/4 birthday and I personally think the quarter birthdays deserve presents as well :)