The Death of Eva MacMac

I'm currently mourning the loss of Eva MacMac, my beloved laptop.

She was a good little laptop. In the two and a half short years I had her, we had many adventures together, traveling to Baltimore, Washington, DC, Chattanooga, Roanoke, Jacksonville, Myrtle Beach, & Bradenton, Florida. She was responsible for dozens of papers and hundreds of projects. She never went to sleep until I did. Eva worked hard & took more abuse than any cell phone I've ever had. She provided limitless entertainment at 3AM with her photobooth.

She was also a wonderful substitute for a heating pad.

Poor Eva has been through a lot. For example, the dot of superglue on her outside case (my bad). It never interfered with her ability to function, although it did drive my OCD-self absolutely crazy.

Continuing with the cosmetic damage, we'll move on to the area by the scrollpad where my wrist sits. This is what hours of graphic design projects will do to a MacBook Pro.

Life with Eva has made me a better person. About a year ago, she decided to rid herself of the delete key, teaching me to simply not make mistakes any more. How thoughtful.

Then there's the fact that she can only hold a charge for maybe thirty minutes. This might have something to do with the fact that her charger looks like this:

...but I'm not 100% certain.

Miss MacMac also doesn't like to have more than one application running at a time. Listen to iTunes while writing a paper? Forget about it. I told you---she's making me a better person. Paper first, music later.


However, perhaps the biggest problem with Eva would be the fact that she likes to make the most awful grinding noise I've ever heard in my life. I can't compare it to anything, really. A strange mixture between a growling pitbull and 72 drills busting a hole through concrete, except three times louder. Don't even think about trying to watch a DVD or burn a CD. Not gonna happen.

And thus, Eva MacMac is officially being retired.

Since I bought her through Duke, I get one free replacement within my first three years. Yesterday, I said goodbye to my beloved Eva & am anxiously awaiting my new laptop. (Hopefully it'll be here by the end of the week. I cannot even begin to describe the inconvenience of a laptopless life).

I must admit, I'm incredibly excited about a new (functional) laptop. However, nothing will ever compare to my stubborn, delete key-less Eva MacMac. She will be greatly missed :)