The Valentine's Day Post

I was originally going to spend today's post writing about the North Carolina Museum of Art & talk about my Valentine's Day date later in the week, but since everyone and their mother (excuse me... everyone and my mother) have been texting & calling me to inquire about the current status of my left ring finger, I thought I'd go ahead and clear things up with a big ol'

dear heavens, no!

By "surprise," I simply meant that I didn't know where we were going or what we were doing. And although Zach tried really hard to keep it a surprise, I ended up knowing exactly where we were going and what we were doing :) Hahaha, I received a text at 12:51 on Saturday afternoon spilling the beans. He really is the worst secret-keeper in the world. And... I love him.

So without further ado:

Zach said he was planning everything from 6PM on, so I could plan our late afternoon together. I actually had no intention of writing about what I planned, but Zach wants the world to know that he is "man enough to get a pedicure" -- his words, not mine.

So, yes... we got a pedicure. Mind you, I'm pretty much as anti-girly girl as it gets. I think I may have gotten a pedicure twice in my entire life, so it's not like I was dragging my boyfriend to join me in my weekly trip to the spa or anything. But after spending 80+ hours a week for over two years straight wearing steel-toed combat boots, the boy's feet deserved a good scrub.

And they got a good scrub, indeed :)

I didn't take a before picture, mostly because I wasn't planning on taking any pictures, but I can assure you that it's a night & day difference. They look more than ready for a 20-mile march (in steel-toed combat boots) next week :)

For dinner, we at at The Cheesecake Factory. I realize that at this point in the blog, it's customary for me to show pictures of the food & describe exactly what we ate, but I've always found that strange. However, I am not opposed to pictures of dessert:

...oreo cheesecake. Om nom nom.

Also, the time stamp on those two pictures is embarrassingly close together. No judgment.

We had a little bit of time before the movie, so we (surprise) wandered through some of the stores at Southpoint... including Anthropologie :)

I spend a significant amount of time examining the installations in Anthropologie & determining how I could possibly recreate them. Kacey --- this is the one I was telling you about a few weeks ago!

Hahaha. We seriously had way too much fun.

We also went to Barnes & Nobles, reminiscent of our first anniversary date in Baltimore, and read some of our favorite books from our childhood. It's one of my favorite things to do :)

For our movie date, we saw "No Strings Attached."

Since Zach & I are two of maybe seven people left in the world who believe in saving sex for marriage, we obviously didn't support the overall premise of the movie. However, there were still plenty of cute moments, funny moments, & a very sweet ending. Made my heart happy :)

We had one more stop before the night was over: the very top of the parking garage on campus overlooking... the Duke Chapel :)

It's so pretty when it's lit up at night. I mean, really, it's so pretty all the time. But there's definitely something magical about seeing the entire campus lit up. There's something even more magical about turning on the "Valentine's Day" playlist & dancing the night away under the stars.

You can go ahead and melt now. I've got a keeper :)

In case you missed it, we know it's not Valentine's Day yet. Zach begins three weeks of pre-deployment training at Fort Pickett, Virginia this weekend, followed soon after by over a month of pre-deployment training at Mojave Viper, California. It was either now or May :)