Fiercely Intentional

I remember one of my youth group leaders in middle school talking about how her new year's resolution was to not hit snooze when the alarm went off. At the time, I was only twelve or so. I didn't even have an alarm clock; mom still woke me up for school. I did not fully understand the wonderfulness of the so-called "snooze button."

But now... we are best friends. And it's a problem.

I suppose the bigger problem would be the days I don't have the opportunity to hit snooze because I sleep through my alarm entirely, but that's a different story :)

Not today, though. Today, I didn't hit snooze at all. Trust me, it's not like I didn't want to roll back over and sleep for fifteen more minutes. I very well could have---I was waking up way earlier than normal. But ever since our Sunday school class had the discussion over Christmas break about living a "fiercely intentional" life, I've thought a lot about making the most of the each day God has given me. And while I'm still pretty sure that I can rejoice and be glad in the day in the comfort of my snuggly bed, I was fiercely intentional today :)

(the quote is actually the title of a book by Mary Anne Radmacher, although mostly everyone associates it with Hitch)

First, I was fiercely intentional about getting ready for the day. I didn't do the typical "brush my teeth, throw on a sweatshirt & jeans, and run out the door" three minute morning routine. I put on real clothes. I brushed my hair (it's rarer than you think...) and put it up in French braids. I wore earrings for the first time in probably three years. I didn't spend hours getting ready or anything, but I did put a little bit of effort into my appearance... and it was nice :)

If I were a way more confident individual, this is how I would dress every day. I love love loveee French braids & a knitted beret. Don't worry---I'm fully aware that I can't pull it off :) I figured every once in a while was okay, though.

I had to be on West for a meeting at 8:30AM, but I purposefully arrived an hour early & headed straight for the Chapel :)

Pictures can't even begin to capture the beauty of the Duke Chapel. Every time I walk inside, I'm completely captivated by its majestic grandeur, as if I'm experiencing it for the first time all over again.

So inside I went. The place was completely empty, except for me. And God :) I slowly walked down the long aisle and had my quiet time on one of the front pews...

...and I was fiercely intentional about it. I didn't attempt to squeeze it in during the twenty minute break between classes. I wasn't rushed. I wasn't distracted. It was just me & God inside the gorgeous 80 year old Chapel. What a blessing :)

And so my day began. Yet amidst all the hustle and bustle of my typical Thursday life, I felt... rested. More rested than any extra fifteen minutes the snooze button has ever given me. I'm not about to say that I will spring out of bed super early every morning and never hit the snooze button again. Goodness, I have an entire Pinterest page devoted to really cozy places to curl up and snuggle. But I am trying to live more intentionally---beginning each day as if it were on purpose :)

• • • • • •

As far as my fiercely intentional weekend plans?

Haha. I'm heading to Winston in the morning to spend a few hours with my Grandpa at the rehab center---he should get to come home in less than two weeks! However, it's back to Duke tomorrow night since I have to work. On Saturday morning, my art history class is taking a field trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, and when I get back... Zach will be here :) We're going on our Valentine's Day date a little early, since he starts pre-deployment training super soon. And get this---he won't tell me anything he has planned! That boy is seriously the worst secret keeper in the world (and I love him for it), but for the first time ever, I honestly don't know a single thing. Not gonna lie---it's driving me a little crazy. But I'm sure it will be wonderful, and I can't wait to share all the details come Sunday :)