I'm slightly obsessed with my dashboard widgets on my laptop, and felt the need to share.

(click to enlarge)

Just look at how pretty & organized it is. Allow me to highlight my current widget loves.

1. The Countdown Calendar. Mom-o has always said that I need to stop dreaming about the future & just be thankful for the present. I would like to point out that I am very thankful for the present. However, I'm also thankful that spring break is less than four weeks away. And I'm thankful that I graduate in 464 days. And I'm already excited that Casey is getting married in 1246 days (she's had the date planned before she was even dating anyone...) I recently took the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment (which was so cool, by the way), and being able to dream & find hope in the future was one of my top five strengths. I have no shame in my ever-growing collection of countdown calendars :)

2. Stickie Notes. All of these notes are from my freshman year of college, but they make me smile. I love the fact that my friends would hijack my computer when I wasn't in my room and leave them for me to find. And I love the fact that Casey legitimately has three middle names with a hyphenated last name.

3. ESPN College Basketball. I like keeping up with all things in the NCAA basketball world. I especially like when we beat Maryland by 18 points.

4. Codebreaker. This was a board game made in the 70s that I used to love to play with my parents growing up. I know, I know... nerd. The game was actually called Mastermind, but it's the exact same thing. And I'm pretty darn good at it.

5. My Chi Pet Died. Hahaha. Please go back and look at that. It actually died in October 2009, but the image of the thing upside down with a red X over his mouth and the "your chi pet died" sign makes me laugh so much that I've kept it ever since. Poor, poor chi pet. Clearly, there's no hope for me with real plants. I can't even keep a virtual one alive.

Eeek. Getting ready for the North Carolina Museum of Art, and then... Valentine's Day date :) Zach is still intent on keeping it a surprise, although I did manage to get a few things out of him. When I asked him what we were going to eat, he responded with "food," and when I asked him what I should wear, and he responded with "clothes." Oh yeah. I'm gonna have this all figured out before the end of the day :)