Face It: You'll Always Be The Baby

Guess what?

It's my baby sister's 16th birthday!

the exact same picture taken five months apart :) definitely NOT intentional

I've already hijacked her Facebook banner for the occasion :)

And I sent her this little pretty, because really --- who wouldn't want 24 pictures of yours truly for their birthday?

That was a really slow night on-call. Also, let it be known that when I moved back to Duke this year, Corrie cut up a billion of her school pictures and strategically hid them in all of my bags. I have one on my bulletin board, and I gave one to Casey & Megan. If anyone else wants one, I've got a desk drawer full of 'em :)

My hair caught on fire at my sixteenth birthday party (Tucker put it out),
so here's to hoping that Cor's is less eventful, but still equally wonderful.

I'm aware that this isn't the most flattering picture of any of us. But goodness, it makes me laugh.

Happy 16th birthday, Corrie Anna! Love you :)