I've been working overtime for the baby sister this week.

She's in the same AP Human Geography class I took at Calvary back in the day, and one of the projects is to study demographics in the area and determine what type of business would be successful. It can be a business that already exists, or just a made-up business, and then they figure out exactly where they would locate it with a lot of statistical evidence to support their decision.

Corrie decided to make up her own business & guess who got a logo request?

That'd be me.

I got another request a few days later to make the invitations for her sixteenth birthday party. Yes, her sixteenth birthday was over a month ago. But life is crazy & we celebrate whenever we can (we had Christmas with my grandparents while I was home for spring break in March...)

I think I would actually be the happiest girl in the world working from home as a freelance designer making invitations for weddings & parties and whatnot. Clearly that wouldn't work, seeing as how I have 0% activator in me, but maybe Tina can move in and keep me on top of things :)

Anyway, since Corrie's my sister, she simply had to agree to let me drink the Fuze in the refrigerator next time I'm home without freaking about how they're "especially for her" in return for her two creative pretties of the week.

And she had to say something nice.

I wish real life worked like that: not having to pay for things as long as you leave a really nice comment. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me. I would compliment Anthropologie all day long...