Q&A: May & June

Oh, heyy. Guess who got so caught up in camp life that she completely forgot to post the “Ask Me Anything: May & June Edition”?

That’d be me.

Now that it’s July 9th, I’m going with the “better late than never” philosophy.

Cake Batter. Especially from Cold Stone Creamery: the Cake ‘n Shake milkshake with cake batter ice cream & yellow cake pieces mixed in. Seriously, SO much om nom noming. I’m also quite the fan of anything with large pieces of brownies, cookie dough, or fudge mixed in.

Can I name more than one? (Of course I can; it’s my blog). I adored my Western Civilization/AP European/Bible IV teacher, Ms. Scott, as well as my Chemistry/Physics/AP Statistics teacher, Mr. Hartmann. And then there was Mr. Bennett, my band director for all four years of high school. And Mrs. Tucker, my freshman computer teacher who introduced me to web design which sparked my interest in graphic design.

Haha, what is it with all these high school questions? It’s all good---I loved high school. Anyway, yes, I dated one guy during 5 months or so of my junior year of high school. Another fellow Camp Bethel summer staff boy :) There’s just something so attractive about guys that love Jesus and being outdoors and working with kids.

Gymnastics all the way---my favorite sport to do and to watch! I started taking classes at a small local gym when I was three years old & worked my way through the entire program by the time I was nine. I switched to Salem Gymnastics, made the competitive team, and spent the rest of my childhood into my teenage years flipping, twisting, and tumbling all over the state. Uneven bars were my absolute favorite. I’ve gotten to perform at an exhibition for Mary Lou Retton (only American gymnast to win Olympic All-Around), meet Bela Karolyi (USA gymnastics coach of nine Olympic champions), and currently, some of the girls that I grew up training with are on the NCAA Div I Gymnastics Teams at UNC Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. Legit.

Well currently, I’m thinking, “Who on earth do I know that might possibly be pregnant and asking me for baby name input?” Regardless, I think it’s a beautiful name! My middle name is Ann (my grandmother’s name is Ann), and I think Lily is very pretty---elegant & refined, if you will.

Have I always been good at art? Goodness, no. I hated it so much in elementary school that I never took an art class again until college. I’ve never had any training in photography, but I like to think that photography and digital art/design are my strong points. The basics like drawing and painting… not so much :)

Yes, please. I’ve asked my mom about becoming a professional blogger. I think the chances of that happening are far greater than the likelihood of finding a job that doesn’t require me going into work before noon, yet still getting off by 5PM.

Thanks! I use Blogger as the publishing tool to write the basic post, but as far as everything else on my blog (backgrounds, headers, photo links, etc.), I design stuff in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator and then use HTML code to format the template and add pages/widgets/etc. It sounds a little complicated, and it can be when you’re first getting started, but I love it! I’m always up for helping other bloggers design headers or buttons :)

Let’s be serious---balloons. They terrify me. Especially in the hands of little children who run around and pop them.

I’m going on four months without a camera, and I can honestly say it’s driving me crazy---constantly taking pics with other people’s cameras or editing cell phone photos to make them look not so awful. I’ve had a camera permanently attached to my hand since I bought my first digital one at age 15, and I don’t really know what to do without one. I’m going to continue being a super lame college kid who is way too addicted to modern technology and put “a MacBook with Adobe Creative Suites” and “a cell phone” on the list as well.

* * * * *

Sorry for the insane delay of this post! I'll be back on top of things by the end of July, so feel free to submit any questions below concerning my life at Duke, camp, the Marine Corps, deployment, graphic design, or anything else your precious heart desires.

And just because interactive blog posts are much more fun & I love hearing from all of my anonymous readers, select one (or two or three) of the questions above and comment with your own answer(s)!