Summer Snail Mail

Dear goodness, it's the weekend.

And by weekend, I essentially mean Saturday, because the camp/work week doesn't end until late Friday night, and then it starts again on Sunday before noon.

But what a glorious "weekend" it shall be. I have absolutely zero plans... and as exhausted as I currently am, that sounds perfect to me.

Okay, I actually do have a FEW plans. Besides sleeping and folding laundry, I'm really hoping to catch up on all my letter writing. Because, dear blog friends, I am getting super behind on responding to the insane amount of snail mail filling my box at camp.

Shout outs to my mom, Zach's mom, Amy (O. Adams), Melissa (and Dewey), Lydia, Whitney, Mawmaw & Papa, Kacey, Katie F., Sarah S., Mariah, Sara N., Rachel B., Sharon, Robby, Zach, Sandy, and Corrie for sending love all the way to Fincastle, Virginia over the past 8 weeks!

And a MAJOR shout out to precious Loganne @ Catching Smiles! I'm going to go ahead and be completely honest... Loganne and I were "friends" before we ever met (she attends Bridgewater College and we have a ton of mutual friends), but we've only ever met once in real life. Once. But girl had an entire PACKAGE waiting for me the day I moved to Camp Bethel!

And since Loganne is beyond incredibly amazing, the package just happened to contain all of the essentials for the perfect summer at camp---a tie-dye tanktop (which has already made its debut on the blog multiple times---rock climbing pics and jumping through sprinkler pics), a drawstring bag, a box of granola bars, bubbles, glowsticks, and Skittles. Attached to the Skittles was a note explaining that they were included to prevent any more random ginger kid tag-a-longs in the event of an intense Skittles craving :)

For the record, those Skittles & granola bars are longgg gone.

Thanks again to my sweet family, friends, and blog readers for filling up my mailbox this summer! I know I've said it a billion times before, but snail mail really is one of my most favorite things on the planet. I'll be living at camp for four more weeks, and I always write back... just saying :)